5 Clever Valentines Day Ideas

February 7, 2015 Blog

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Valentines Day is an important holiday, especially for couples. The holiday signifies love between people and gives you a chance to express that. While some have no trouble expressing themselves, others need a helping hand (or just some ideas). Here are ten clever and romantic ideas to do with your significant other on Valentines Day.


1. Be Sweet– Even the most emotionless person would melt at feelings being expressed. Write all the reasons you love your significant other on a card, on a cake, etc. Anywhere that feels best to you. It will make your spouse feel loved and appreciate the effort you put into it.

2. Surprise– Show up at your man or womans work just to say hello or give them some flowers and chocolate. People love being surprised and being reminded of the love they have. If it is not possible to go there, just send a sweet, thoughtful text or call them. This lets them know you are thinking about them even when they are not around.

3. Take Charge– Chances are, you significant other does a lot for you. To show your thanks and appreciation, let them take a night off. Make them dinner, do the dishes, etc. Do not let them do a thing. It will make them feel special and loved, and give them a break. Then, watch a movie or do something of their choice, they will appreciate it.

4. Set a Date– Some are to busy to spend the whole day with their partner, some make a raincheck. homemade coupons to your partner will let them get “One Free Massage” or “Spend the day together” some other time. These can make them feel loved, even if you only saw them for a short time on this special day.

5. It is the Thought that Counts– Even if you can not afford an extravagant gift or have the money to go out, just spend time with them. your partner will not care, they only want to spend time with you and have the opportunity to love and be loved. They will understand, just have a quiet night at home to celebrate. In fact, it might seem more romantic.

Valentines day is an opportunity to express your love for your partner and build a stronger relationship. It is all about celebrating what you have, and what you have is your spouse. Use the above ideas to make the day a little extra special for the both of you.

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