Having Blueprint cleanse juices when they’re just delivered to you is always the best. However, to save time and shipping costs, we usually order by packs to use for a few days. Despite the convenience and saving, many people worry about the quality of the juice when storing it for some days. How to keep them fresh as you just received? Check out 3 tips below for the best juice storage solutions.

How long can Blueprint cleanse juices be stored

Preservation time for ordinary fruit juice:

Usually, how long you can preserve the juice depends on several factors:

  • Type of juicer: Some types of juicer can produce higher quality juice and prolong the oxidation of some substances. So, the storage time will be longer.
  • Type of fruit used to make juices. Each fruit has a different oxidation time leading to different storage times. For example, citrus juice tends to last longer, while apples tend to oxidize (turn brown) quickly.
  • The way of preserving the juice. If the juice is stored at room temperature and uncovered, it will be most quickly damaged.

Shelf life for Blueprint cleanse juices:

You can keep Blueprint cleanse juices fresh longer than normal juices thanks to advancements in science and technology. Blueprint applies the method of High-Pressure juicing process, allowing their products to have a longer shelf life than fresh-squeezed juice. Therefore, Blueprint usually ships juices that are at least 10 days from expiration. You should consume your juice within six days of receiving it for the best quality. Get your cleanse juices delivered today to enjoy Blueprint cleanse promo code.

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3 tips to keep your Blueprint cleanse juice fresh.

#1 Store Blueprint cleanse juices for as short of a time as possible. 

The best way is to drink as soon as possible. Although all types of Blueprint cleanse juices are manufactured based on the high-pressure process, to ensure the quality and taste, drinking them as soon as they are delivered to you is the best. If you want to preserve them to use for a few days, try to schedule your cleanse so that storage time is as short as possible. Check out our 7 day juice cleanse plan for reference!

store Blueprint cleanse juices for as short time as you can

#2 Keep your Blueprint cleanse juices cold by keeping it in a refrigerator or ice chest

Like fruits and vegetables, you can also store the Blueprint cleanse juices in the fridge. Refrigerating your juice subjects to lower its temperature. It helps to slow down the molecular movements of juice and decomposition,  retain its freshness, and store its nutrients. Therefore, juice keeps being fresh longer. Just take your juice out of the box when it’s delivered and keep it in the refrigerator. Remember to toss the ice packs in the freezer so they are quite ready should you need to tote your juice around.

#3 Freeze Blueprint cleanse juices for longer storage

If you have to store your juice for long-term storage, you can freeze it. People also use this method to store fresh cider for years. Of course, this is only should be used as the last option and not recommended.

Ideally, you should freeze it as soon as you receive the juice box from Blueprint. However, we don’t recommend you always choose the frozen way to preserve the juice. Only if you have to select between freezing it or throwing it away, definitely freezing it. It’s a great solution to waste or lack of time. 

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To sum up, having Blueprint cleanse juices right after you receive them is always the best. But in case you want to store juices for later usage, we recommend 3 tips to keep Blueprint cleanse juices fresh as following: 

  • Store Blueprint cleanse juices for as short of a time as possible
  • Keep your Blueprint cleanse juices cold by keeping it in a refrigerator or ice chest
  • Freeze Blueprint cleanse juices for longer storage

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