You have just bought a CNC router and wondered what ways to earn your living with this tool. Congratulations! You will find out it is not as difficult as you think. Maybe, you could become the next successful person in the automotive, cabinetry, or other related industry. Now, the key action is figuring out how to make money with CNC router. Don’t know how to get started? Don’t worry – you will get all you need with this article.

What is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router? 

First, you need to understand clearly the CNC router. If you have never heard of CNC router before, it is a machine that operates on computer-driven technology that involves making seamless cuts and patterns much smoother when produced. To put it simply, it is somewhat similar to the CNC mill in some aspects. CNC router increases overall productivity, minimizes waste of materials, and creates a myriad of items with less amount of time than other machines. 

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How does CNC router work?

Making money with CNC router requires general computer skills, software, and a computer to operate a router. The CAD (Computer Assisted Design) is a program that is run off by the machine. What the CNC router does is to cut the material to the smallest measurement and detail with optimal precision with the help of the CAD program. This program can make CNC cut materials with fewer redo’s, less cutting mistakes, and less wasted materials. Therefore, the CNC router can create highly intricate contours and shapes with precise accuracy. 

How to make money with CNC Router

There are many ways you can do to make money with CNC router. Here are 5 ideas we would like to share with you.

1. Cabinets and furniture 

5 ideas to make money with CNC router

With CNC routers, you can try milling anything from cabinet boxes and interior shelves to wooden items like countertops. Computer guidance makes sure that every cut is accurately beautiful. Once you’ve made a list of products that you enjoy to make, consider their marketability. Search the internet for what you want to produce and check if it is listed for sale. If so, you can know that there is a growing demand for this product. If there are so many sellers in the market, make sure that you can specialize in that product group. Try to offer the right style or cater to the right niche or market segment and you will feel making money with a CNC router has never been as easy as this.

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2. Sign making 

If sign making is one of your talents, then it might be the right time to buy a CNC router and enjoy the fruitful rewards later. CNC router is usually used for carving signs in various materials such as aluminum, wood, bronze, and plastic. Thanks to computer software, you will have no problem with 3D designs. 

But you should think about the manufacturability of your product and what volume of input you need to achieve a profitable output. 

3. Woodworking 

Master woodworkers can enjoy the benefits of owning a router for their delicate work. With this machine, you can create game pieces, toys, and even intricate lettering sets and designs in bigger items. All you need to concern is the attractiveness and taste of customers. Research the demand of customers and make sure that you produce products that they are interested in and willing to purchase. 

5 ideas to make money with CNC router

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4. Custom outlet & switch covers 

If woodworking does not raise your interest, you can choose customized switch covers and outlet. With the CNC router, you can produce for your clients much many perfect matching switch covers and outlets that are customized to their style and guaranteed to complement well with the design of a property. 

5. Instrument production 

Neck and body carving, fretwork, and inlays can be carried out with the speed and accuracy demanded by an artist. Therefore, allowing you to concentrate on finer details that make the instrument highly intricate and unique. You can produce parts or the whole of many types of musical instruments such as guitar, piano, and other wooden instruments. CNC router helps you to make these instruments with precise accuracy and unique design. 

5 ideas to make money with CNC router


We just share with you 5 ideas to make money with CNC router. Pick up what is suited to your capability and talent. However, don’t let this list limit your opportunities, there are plenty of great ideas out there for you to discover to earn your living. Don’t forget to grab Toolstoday coupon code right here to purchase your CNC router with the best price.


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