RELX vape products are well-known for their high quality, fantastic design and engineering, and a great overall vaping experience. Our list below goes over the top 5 RELX purchases you need to make to up your vape game. Have a read, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to use our RELX coupon code to save on all your RELX products!

#1 – RELX Nano ($5.90) and RELX Nano 2 ($11.90)

Ever heard of disposable e cigarettes? Well, the RELX Nano and Nano 2 are among the best in the market. Below are the specs for both of these RELX e cig:

CriteriaRELX Nano RELX Nano 2
Puffs per pen~ 200~ 300
E-liquid volume1.2ml1.35ml
FlavorsFruit Tea
Classic Tobacco
Classic Tobacco
Ludou Ice
Fruit Tea
Fresh Red
LED lightNoYes
Metal bodyNoYes

The advantage of both of these RELX e cig is that they serve as a great introduction to vaping, as well as a portable vaping solution for on-the-go vapers who often travel. The RELX Nano 2 outclasses the RELX Nano in several aspects, but comes at a heftier price tag. To save on your RELX Nano/Nano 2, simply use this RELX coupon code.

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#2 – RELX Classic pods packs – $16.99

To accompany your RELX Classic, you would certainly need some good pods. While you can technically refill RELX pods, it is not recommended to do so as it is both a time-consuming process and may lead to damages.

5 must-have RELX buys from $5.90 with our RELXNOW coupon code!

Thankfully, RELX pods are among the most affordable pods out there. A pack of three 2ml pods sell for $16.99, at 3% or 5% nicotine level. With each pack, you can choose from an array of 11 distinct flavors, some of which best-selling:

  • Classic Flavor series: Mint, Classic Tobacco
  • Creative series: Ludou Ice
  • Fresh series: Blue Burst, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Dark Sparkle, Turbo Red
  • Beverage series: Fruit Tea, White Freeze, Fragrant Fruit

Of course, remember to grab our RELX coupon code to save 20% off all orders, including your next RELX pods!

#3 – The RELX Classic starter kit – $39.90

The good old RELX Classic starter kit once again ranks first in our top list. The RELX Classic is designed with both beginner and advanced vapers in mind, making it a good option for many vaping levels. And while it lacks some ease-of-use feature, as mentioned in our RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha comparison, the RELX Classic delivers the best and most authentic RELX experience for its price. 

5 must-have RELX buys from $5.90 with our RELXNOW coupon code!

What you will get in the RELX Classic starter kit for $39.90 is one RELX Classic device, one micro-USB charging cable, and one 2ml RELX pod. The beefy 350mAh battery of the RELX ensures 280 – 300 puffs per charge, while its 2ml pod gives you an astounding 650 puffs per pod. To learn more about the RELX Classic, check out our RELX vs JUUL article where we dive even deeper into this RELX e cig.

Overall, the RELX Classic gives you great returns on your investment, and is best suited to beginner to intermediate vapers. To get your RELX Classic for less, simply input this RELX coupon code!

#4 – The RELX Alpha kit – $47.92

The RELX Alpha definite deserves being on this list. However, the reason why we placed it at #4 is because it is rather aimed towards more advanced vapers. 

5 must-have RELX buys from $5.90 with our RELXNOW coupon code!

The RELX Alpha comes with all the good features of the RELX Classic, but with added technologies for a smoother vaping experience. From the patented AlphaStream Design to the revolutionary 4th generation FEELM atomizer, along with conveniences like smart vibration, the superior vaping experience of a RELX Alpha is among our top 3 reasons to choose it.

At $47.92, the RELX Alpha kit gives you one device, two 1.6ml pods, and one USB-C charging cable. A good deal, indeed, but you can still save more on your purchase using our RELX coupon code!

#5 – The RELX Buddy Bundle – $71.82

The Buddy Bundle makes it into our list simply because it is one of the top 3 ways to save when shopping RELX. Each bundle comes with two RELX Classic Starter Kits including a Classic Black and one of your color choice. You are also given a free RELX Nano disposable e cig along with your bundle. This bundle is perfect for those who want to share their vaping experience with others, family or friends. 


All in all, above are our top 5 must-have items on your RELX shopping list. Of course, this does not mean that other RELX products are not worth a shot, but you should definitely check off this list first. And to shop for cheap, remember to pick up our RELX coupon code!


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