A lot of things to be said for a well-built standing desk converter like the valuable Flexispot Standing Desk Converter M2B. It is a charming piece of ergonomic office furniture coming with various functions to accommodate the needs you weren’t aware of. The Flexispot M2B is an amazing standing desk converter that will change the way you work! It will definitely protect you from adverse effects of a sedentary job. There are a plenty of options out there but we will give you 5 reasons to choose the Flexispot M2B among other brands, which will give you more value for money.

1. Flexispot standing desk converter M2B can switch from sitting to standing with ease

Like other top most popular flexispot standing desk converter, Flexispot M2B feature innovative technology that helps it take little effort to transition from sitting to standing. Although this standing desk converter can accommodate the maximum 35 lbs desktop load, you can just lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 13 lbs of force. Lowering is easier as it only requires just 3 lbs of force.

Flexispot standing desk converter M2B

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2. Flexispot standing desk converter M2B support space-saving

The FlexiSpot M2B has a large surface; specifically it is about 35 inches wide. You can put dual screens on the desktop but still have space for other office essentials such as papers and an iPad. You also do not need to worry that these things on it will topple over because it has a well-designed stability function. Moreover, it offers an extra-wide removable keyboard tray for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and mousepad. 

Flexispot standing desk converter M2B support space-saving

In addition to ample space, it also provides adequate room for healthy wrist positioning. On the other hand, with its space-saving vertical adjustments, you can save valuable space in your workstation and enjoy better stabilization when lifting and lowering. Click Differences between Single motor vs Dual motor Flexispot standing desk for more information.

3. Flexispot standing desk converter M2B improves your posture while you work

If you still wonder how to choose the best flexispot standing desk for home office, you must read this. Many studies show that sitting for prolonged period results in bad posture and low back pain. Don’t worry, Flexispot M2B can help you solve this issue. Whether standing up or sitting down, you will find that every detail of this standing desk converter is designed to prevent slouching. Moreover, it helps you maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct posture, thereby improving your posture in the future. A lot of Flexispot coupon codes are available right here for you to get the best deal when ordering the Flexispot M2B.

4. You can adjust the height of Flexispot standing desk converter M2B with convenience and ease

The choice to sit or stand is all yours, but Flexispot made it extremely easy for you. The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter M2B goes up and down smoothly as  it was designed with top-notch materials. Therefore, you can adjust the desk vertically and stop at your preferred height. For example, placing Flexispot M2B on a 28” high desk will accommodate users up to 6’1” tall. Meanwhile, putting it on a 31” high desk will accommodate users up to 6’5” tall. You can lower and raise the height of this Flexispot M2B freely without any concerns.

Flexispot standing desk converter M2B is adjustable with ease

5. The Flexispot standing desk converter M2B is quiet and easy to use

Other standing desk converters may force you to withstand annoying sounds that appear when activating a desk converter to another height. However, when you adjust the height of the FlexiSpot M2B, you will not have to worry about these disturbing noises. Since it is a manual converter with top-quality mechanics, you can lower or raise it in a few minutes with minimal sounds. 

Furthermore, the Flexispot standing desk converter M2B is ready out-of-box and almost does not require any installation at all. After unboxing the Flexispot M2B, all you need to do is to put it on your table and place your monitor, laptop, and keyboard on top of it. That’s all, and a standing desk converter is ready for your work. 

The Flexispot standing desk converter M2B is quiet and easy to use

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Flexispot Standing Desk Converter M2B contains many features that make it worth every penny, where functionality meets aesthetics. Trust us when we say that it is in a league of its own. Its top-of-the-line functions may surprise you, so you might want to buy this state-of-the-art piece of furniture. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to save up to $50 when purchasing this Flexispot product. 


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