When it comes to organizing a wedding, who doesn’t want to feel special? Hotel Xcaret, located in the scenic city of Playa Del Carmen, offers all-in-one services that make your special day even more memorable. So how do you get started with planning your own ceremony at Hotel Xcaret? Read our complete guide to Hotel Xcaret wedding, and don’t forget to grab this Xcaret coupon to start saving!

Why choose a Hotel Xcaret wedding?

There are many great reasons to book a Hotel Xcaret wedding, and we think it all boils down to 2 factors: the wonderful location and quality of service


It would be a crime to mention Hotel Xcaret without giving praise to its spectacular home city of Playa Del Carmen. Best known as a glamorous resort town, Playa Del Carmen has everything you can ask for – from palm-lined beaches and coral reefs to vibrant nightlife and visitor spots. One of these amazing visitor sites is the amazing Xcaret Park, which we believe is 100% worth a visit. Booking a Hotel Xcaret wedding means you would be within a stone’s throw of all of these amazing attractions and enjoying a marvellous scenery to serve as background for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. 

Hotel Xcaret wedding


If you’ve ever worried about all the different services and vendors you would need to book for a flawless wedding, free up your mind here at Hotel Xcaret. The hotel covers almost every thinkable service relating to your wedding, making it a truly all-in-one experience. From wedding planning and photography to make-up and floral deco, you ask it and they have it! Read below to learn more, or pick up this Xcaret coupon code now if you’re ready to book!

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How to plan for your Hotel Xcaret wedding?

Start planning for your Hotel Xcaret wedding as soon as possible

While there are no official requirements as to when you should book your wedding, Hotel Xcaret wedding slots do fill up quite quickly (sometimes even a year in advance). Thus, we recommend that you start your planning process as soon as possible to give yourself more options for wedding dates in Hotel Xcaret. 

At the start of your planning process, you should contact the hotel to see which options are available for wedding dates and the cost of Xcaret wedding on those dates. You should also read below to get an idea of the wedding locations there and inquire whether the location you like is available on your chosen date. 

The inquiry process can be carried out directly via phone or email, and you should get your date options after 1-14 days. 

Preparing a wedding contract at Hotel Xcaret

Once you have received your wedding date options, you can proceed to file a formal wedding date request to the hotel. The formal request form asks for you and your partner’s basic information, your choice of date, location, wedding package, estimated guest count and reception venue. 

Along with your wedding, a room block booking is requested (read below for more info). You will need to provide information on the expected number of rooms in your block, the type of room you prefer, and the planned day of arrival and departure for guests and the couple. 

Once all necessary information has been supplied to Hotel Xcaret, they will proceed to creating a wedding contract and email it back to you. You are given a period of around 1 week to go through and sign the contract. A deposit of 50% of your wedding package will then be payable. 

Choosing vendors for services at your Hotel Xcaret wedding

Once you have made the deposit payment, you will be introduced to Hotel Xcaret’s custom wedding planning software. This software helps you keep track of everything from a planning checklist, budget, vendor and services, and more. 

This is also a great time for you to think about the different vendors for your wedding services. Hotel Xcaret offers some in-house solutions for services such as photography, deco, live music, and such (read below for more info). However, you can also source your vendors externally, but an ‘outside vendor’ fee of $500-1000 will apply per external vendor. 

Booking a room block for your Hotel Xcaret wedding

After the hotel has received your signed contract and countersigned it, they will provide you with a room block rate based on your room block request information sent earlier. You will have up to 5 days to review your room block booking information (number of rooms, room type, etc.) and issue a room block contract request to the hotel. 

This contract request takes 1-4 weeks to be processed, after which you will receive a room block contract. Then, you will have 3-5 days to review, sign, and return the contract. You will also need to pay an initial deposit for your room block, which will be specified in the contract. 

Roughly 2-3 weeks after the contract has been returned to Hotel Xcaret, your guests can start booking into the contracted room block.

So, that’s roughly the entire wedding planning process for a Hotel Xcaret wedding. You can read below for an essential checklist to summarize all the points we mentioned, or perhaps bookmark this Xcaret coupon now if you can’t wait to book your wedding!

Best Hotel Xcaret wedding packages

True Love Package

True Love is Xcaret’s starter package, so you can expect the cost of Xcaret wedding with this package to be lowest. Nevertheless, the package still includes a lot of services, including:

  • A wedding planner and bride’s bouquet
  • Ceremonial items:
    • Minister for a symbolic wedding
    • Venue for the ceremony
    • Gazebo standard
    • Tiffany chairs
    • Wedding cake
    • Toast with sparkling wine
    • Music (playlist)
Hotel Xcaret wedding

Celebration Package

A notch above the True Love package is the Celebration package, which offers you some extra benefits:

  • A wedding planner and bride’s bouquet
  • Makeup and hairstyle for the bride
  • Boutonnière for the groom
  • 2 bouquets or corsages for the bridesmaids
  • 2 boutonnieres for the groomsmen
  • Ceremonial Items:
    • Minister for the symbolic wedding
    • Venue for the ceremony
    • Standard gazebo
    • Tiffany chairs
    • Wedding cake
    • Toast with sparkling wine
    • Music (playlist)
  • Cocktail items:
    • Venue for the cocktail
    • 2 hours of premium open bar
    • Canapés (4 pieces per person

Deluxe Package

  • A wedding planner and bride’s bouquet
  • Makeup and hairstyle for the bride
  • Boutonnière for the groom
  • 2 bouquets or corsages for the bridesmaids
  • 2 boutonnieres for the groomsmen
  • Ceremonial items:
    • Minister for the symbolic wedding
    • Venue for the ceremony
    • Standard gazebo
    • Tiffany chairs
    • Wedding cake
    • Toast with sparkling wine
    • Live music (45 minutes set)
  • Cocktail items:
    • Venue for the cocktail
    • 1 hour of premium open bar
    • Canapés (4 pieces per person)
  • Reception Items
    • Private dinner
    • Three-course menu or buffet
    • 4 hours of premium open bar

Estimated cost

As you can expect with 3 different packages, prices would vary greatly. Determining the cost of Xcaret wedding is even more complicated when you factor in some extra services and guests, so we’re only giving you a rough estimate here. The standard prices of the 3 packages above would go from $2000 – 7000 for up to 30 guests. If your guest number exceeds this limit, an extra charge of around $160-200/extra guest is added. 

Another thing to consider when booking a Hotel Xcaret wedding with any of the 3 packages we mentioned is the added room block requirements:

  • At least 11 guaranteed rooms (3 nights each), for weddings held from Sunday – Thursday
  • At least 20 guaranteed rooms for (3 nights each), for weddings held on a Friday
  • At least 25 guaranteed rooms for (3 nights each), for weddings held on a Saturday

Additionally, 80% of all your wedding guests must stay at Hotel Xcaret for a minimum of 3 nights.

Best indoor Locations for your Hotel Xcaret wedding

Capilla de Todos Los Ángeles

If you would like to host a Catholic-style wedding, the Capilla de Todos Los Ángeles chapel is a great indoor location to pick. Perched on the Xpiral Pyramid, this chapel gives a stunning view of the blue Caribbean water just off the shore. The average guest capacity for the Capilla de Todos Los Ángeles is 150.

Hotel Xcaret wedding

Couples holding a wedding here can choose to host an open-air or indoor ceremony. Additionally, they can opt to take a wedding photo without booking the venue for their ceremony, provided that there’s no other ceremonies taking place.

Xpiral Ballroom

Right below the Capilla de Todos Los Ángeles chapel lies the Xpiral Ballroom, another great location for your Hotel Xcaret wedding. With arched windows that give you an 180 degree view of the gorgeous surrounding landscape, this unique ballroom is a wonderful venue for your ceremony, reception, or even cocktail party. Moreover, you can even use the patio area outside to host an outdoor reception if that suits your interests.

Hotel Xcaret wedding

Inside the Xpiral Ballroom are some top-notch furnishings, with beautifully crafted chairs and tables that give off a rustic yet delightful vibe. The ballroom can host from 180-200 guests. 

Cuevas Restaurant 

Looking for something more exotic for your Hotel Xcaret wedding? Try the Cuevas restaurant! Built into a cave, this one-of-a-kind restaurant gives your guests an exciting dining experience like no other. The restaurant can hold up to 350 guests, and weddings with less than 100 guests will have to share it with the regular hotel guests who dine here. 

Hotel Xcaret wedding

One thing to note is that while the cave setting might be awe-inspiring, it is also bad for air flow. This means you will likely have to rent some fans if your wedding takes place during the hotter months. 

Best outdoor Locations for your Hotel Xcaret wedding

Playa Beach

Looking for outdoor? Nowhere is better than the scenic Playa Beach! This beach is the primary beach location in Hotel Xcaret, and for good reasons. The beach is lined with some of the tallest palm trees in the area and floored with pristine white sand. Guests here not only get to witness the spectacular scenery but also feel soft sea breezes caress their skin.

hotel xcaret wedding

The Playa Beach holds roughly 150 guests and is used mainly for ceremonies and not for receptions since it is positioned quite far from the kitchen and restrooms. Be mindful of the date you’re booking this venue, however, as some time-bound occurrences can render the beach inaccessible (e.g. storms or seasonal turtle egg hatching, etc.)

Caleta Fuego

Caleta Fuego is also a water-themed outdoor location, but a little bit different. This location is based around a small lagoon with deep blue water coming from an underground river. While Caleta Fuego doesn’t offer you the endless sea horizons like Playa Beach does, its surroundings are quite neat and atmospheric. 

hotel xcaret wedding

Additionally, Caleta Fuego is a great venue for larger ceremonies and can host up to 250 guests. It is also a great place to host receptions or cocktail hours. Located almost right next to Caleta Fuego are Cuevitas and Bar Cuevitas, both of which are wonderful locations with the same concept as Caleta Fuego. However, these locations can hold up to 60-70 guests, so they’re best for small groups.

Explanada Xerro

Remember the amazing Xpiral Pyramid? If you’re impressed by what’s inside it, then don’t forget to check out Explanada Xerro – the star of its exterior! This venue utilizes the base of the Xpiral Pyramid as a backdrop for your ceremony, while both sides of the pyramid are lush with green jungles. 

hotel xcaret wedding

If you don’t like beach venues for their sandy floors, Explanada Xerro’s solid stoned ground would be a great alternative. The venue’s large area also makes for a decent capacity of around 150-200. However, a drawback of Explanada Xerro is that it is quite close to a construction project in Hotel Xcaret said to be currently going on. At the same time, there are no restrooms near this location.

Playon Viento

Playon Viento is another wonderful open-air event site that sits neatly by a natural pool. Guests here can enjoy a wonderful ceremony while marveling at the walls that run beside the pool, which has cave-like indents etched into them. Playon Viento can hold well beyond 150 guests for a ceremony and up to 350-400 for a reception.

hotel xcaret wedding

A drawback of this place is that it’s often under direct sunlight, so you would have to think about renting patio umbrellas for guests if your ceremony takes place before dusk. A similar location, Playon Xpiral, offers you the same type of setting, but instead facing the Xpiral Chapel. 

All in all, each of the above locations, indoor or outdoor, has its pros and cons. We try to give you a concise yet informative description of each, and would highly encourage you to discuss further with your wedding planner on which location to select. Now, if you’ve already got one in mind, why not use this Xcaret coupon to save on your booking?

Must-have complimentary Hotel Xcaret services


Who doesn’t want to record one of the best memories of their lives in vivid details? Xcaret lets you do this by offering several wedding photography/videography solutions:

  1. The recommended option for photography/videography is Xcaret’s in-house team. Booking them should cost you $3000 – 4000, but what you get in return is full coverage of your wedding and high-resolution photos of your special day. This is another thing to factor into your Xcaret wedding price.
  2. You can bring your own wedding photographers/videographers and, as long as you include their accommodation in your room booking, there shouldn’t be any extra expenses. 
  3. Additionally, you can also choose a local photographer/videographer. However, this will come with a small fee of around $500 for the local crew to access your wedding. Some local photographers/videographers are aware of this fee and are willing to give you a discount of a certain proportion of the fee.

Dance Floor

Dance floors are amazing additions to your wedding and heighten the enjoyment of both you and your guests. A lovely wooden dance floor should add around $1000 to your Xcaret wedding price, while vinyl and LED dance floor should cost more.

DJ Service

Of course, a dance floor would be much more exciting with good music from a live DJ. Booking a DJ should cost anywhere from $350-1200 for 3-5 hours. Thus, this is also something to consider adding to your cost of Xcaret wedding.

Floral & Deco

As a touch of delicacy, floral & serves to perfectly spruce up your wedding tables. Floral & decor services are offered in-house by Xcaret, and prices differ significantly based on your needs. Decor for each table can range from $150-300, while the wedding party bouquets can cost from $75-125. The best way to estimate the cost of floral & decor is by talking to a salesperson and adding the cost to your Xcaret wedding price.

So that was a round-up of some in-house services that Xcaret offers. Needless to say, the quality of these services is top-notch. Nevertheless, if you’re still in need of more options, take a look at some external vendors in our top 5 vendors for an Xcaret wedding article!

Hotel Xcaret: example wedding timeline and checklist

2 weeks– Decide on preferred wedding dates and venues- Email request for wedding date and venue choices to Hotel Xcaret
1-14 days – Hotel Xcaret returns with available date and venue options that match your request
1-1.5 weeks– Review available options and decide on your wedding date and make a formal wedding date request with relevant information (read above for clarification)
– With a date in mind, you can file a room block rate request with relevant information (read above for clarification)
1-3 weeks– Hotel Xcaret creates and emails wedding contract based on your formal wedding date request
– Hotel Xcaret issues room block rate based on your room block rate request
5-7 days– You can review and sign the wedding contract and pay the wedding deposit
– You can review the room block rate and make an official room block contract request
1-4 weeks– You are added into the hotel’s wedding planning software after paying the deposit
– The hotel receives your contract, countersigns it, and confirms the wedding date- The hotel issues a room block contract based on your room block contract request
3-5 days– You can review the room block contract, sign it, and pay the initial deposit for your room block
– 2-3 weeks after the hotel receives your signed contract and deposit, your guests can start booking into your room block
1-4 weeks– You can utilize the hotel’s wedding planning software and your wedding planner to start acquiring services for your wedding
Note: You need to finalize all wedding choices and details and make all payments 2 months before your actual wedding date

Overall, our suggested wedding timeline and checklist covers nearly every step of planning your Hotel Xcaret wedding. From start to finish, the process takes roughly 4-6 months and sometimes even more, depending on the number of couples currently also booking their weddings there. 

A great feature of Hotel Xcaret is that it is located in Playa Del Carmen, quite close to a lot of theme parks, so you may want to add a visit to those to your plan too. If you do choose to do so, do check out our Xel Ha vs Xcaret vs Xplor comparison to learn more and make a good choice!


So that was it for our complete guide to weddings at the amazing Hotel Xcaret. We have covered a rough planning process, along with some extra advice on the hotel’s wedding venues and services. Now, if you’re ready to go with Hotel Xcaret, don’t forget this Xcaret coupon code!


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