RELX is among the most innovative vape companies out there. Their products are both well-made and affordable for a wide range of vapers. Yet, despite its popularity, some safety concerns remain when talking about RELX vape products. Specifically, are RELX pods safe to use? Fortunately, the answer is yes! Read our article below to see why, and don’t forget to use this RELX coupon to get your RELX for less.

The quick answer: Yes, RELX pods are definitely safe to use!

As detailed in our article on the story behind RELX, the company invests heavily into R&D to stay competitive and produce the best products. RELX pods come in 2 variants: Classic pods and AlphaPods. Both of these 2 types of pods come with amazingly flavorful options, but most importantly, they are built very sturdily to ensure safe-of-use. But how exactly safe are they? Read along!

Back to basics: What are RELX pods?

Readers who haven’t got into pod systems might be confused as to what vape pods are. Simply put, vape pods are what hold the e-liquid or e-juice that produces vapor and flavor for your vape. Here’s how they fit with other RELX e cig components:

  • A mouthpiece: the part you use to inhale vapor
  • A heating coil: the component to heat up e-liquid and turn it into vapor (also known as an atomizer)
  • A power supply: this component provides power for the entire e cigarette to function. All RELX e cig are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which makes for fast and easy charging as detailed in our article on the top 3 tips to charge a RELX
  • A vape pod: detachable pods that hold e-liquid – the liquid that turns into vapor as it is heated

Pods are the only elements that are separate from the device, which is often one of the reasons why people think they are unsafe. Each RELX product line different pods with different flavors, which you can read more about in our RELX Classic vs RELX Alpha comparison. To get RELX pods at reduced prices, remember to use this RELX coupon code!

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So how do RELX pods ensure safety?

As mentioned, RELX is committed to quality and user-friendliness, especially with their new revolutionary RELX Alpha. All RELX pods are built and tested to official standards to minimize faulty designs and units. That being said, RELX Classic pods have been reported to show some leakage issues, which created more inconvenience than danger. This problem has now been acknowledged and fixed by RELX.

Are RELX pods safe to use?

Furthermore, with their release of the technologically superior AlphaPod, RELX pods are currently safer than ever. RELX AlphaPods come with several structural improvements to mitigate leaks, including liquid silicone injection molding, reinforced bottoms, and condensation-trapping airway walls. Altogether, AlphaPods are said to be 175% more durable compared to other pods. To get a RELX Alpha kit right now for up to 20% off, use this RELX coupon code!


All in all, you can place your trust in the safety of RELX pods. Being an innovative and competitive company, RELX strives to ensure user friendliness and safety by investing heavily into developing their products. To save on RELX vape products, simply input this RELX promo code!


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