With COVID-19 still tearing our lives apart, it is important to be mindful of appropriate measures to stay healthy and safe. One such measure is using masks and face coverings to limit the spread of the disease. With so many face mask brands out there, it might not just be a little difficult to find the right one for your needs. Today, let us help you out by introducing you to Bailey Blue – a comfort clothing brand with over two decades of experience. To see their quality, let us check out the Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews on their top 3 adult masks 2021. To find some savings on their products, try this Bailey Blue clothing discount code.

Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews – The ULTIMATE

As its name suggests, the ULTIMATE is undoubtedly one of the best Bailey Blue clothing masks available right now. In fact, it topped our list of the top 5 best-selling Bailey Blue masks 2021 also. So what’s so good about this product? First of all, its 2-ply fabric is ultra soft, giving you a comfortable and breathable experience from within. Despite its delicate nature, the fabric is also very easy to clean for reuse. Specifically, you can easily clean it by hand washing and laying it out to dry.

In terms of color and design, this mask also offers a ton of options: Black Marble, Royal Cloud, Rainbow Cheetah, Neon Butterfly, Black Camo Lime, Black Butterfly, Coral Cloud, Camo, Heartbreaker, Tuxedo Black, Bright Star Blush, Neon Star, Golden Cheetah Fuchsia, Golden Cheetah Royal, Bright Star Black, Desert Star, Royal Blue / Lime, Olive / Navy Camo, Hendrix / Navy, Black Marble / Lime, Mediterranean / Royal, and Neon Coral / TD Rainbow. With so many good selling points, what are the Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews for the ULTIMATE like? Check below:

Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews

‘Best masks ever! I absolutely love the strap around the neck which is what originally made me want this mask. Then when I got it and it fit like a glove, I was so impressed! It’s the softest, most breathable, adorable mask, I’ve yet to come across! I want one in every color and every style!! Also it covers from my nose all the way down around to the bottom of my chin just perfectly and it doesn’t move! I’ve noticed with some of the other masks they’ll move up towards your eyes, or down towards your nose, this one just stays in place, it’s almost like it’s not there. That’s a lot for me to say because I suffer from anxiety and asthma. This mask thing has been very hard for me until I found your masks, so thank you very much for that!’ – Susan Santamauro

Quite positive, isn’t it? So why not grab this Bailey Blue clothing discount code to save on this product and more!

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Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews – The Classic Face Covering

Nothing beats a classic, which also applies to Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews. The Classic Face Covering is the original face covering product made by Bailey Blue. Produced from double-layered rayon/spandex jersey fabric, this product is comfy and snugly and protects you extra well, while also being very breathable. Like the ULTIMATE, they are extremely easy to clean by hand washing. In terms of size, they are approximately 7.5” wide by 5” high. The strap that wraps around the ear is 5” long.

Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews

Where the Classic Face Covering shines is its variety in terms of color and design, with three different collections: Tie Dye, Solids + Stripes, and Pattern. Each collection consists of over 20 colors/designs for you to choose from. With so much variety, what do the Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews say about this classic product?

‘I have tried so hard to find a mask I can breathe in, and this is the one! And it;s so cute, which is a huge plus!’ – Meghan.

‘These are the BEST masks that I have found so far!!!! Love the prints, super soft fabric, perfect fit/no sagging, and they don’t hurt our ears or hinder our breathing at all. We ordered 6 different prints in the adult size and they all fit both my daughter and I perfectly!’ – Ashley.

‘Love my masks! Ordered 1 just to try it out, loved it and went back for more. They shipped quickly! I will say, I like the material of the “tie-dye” type masks better than the camo or solid colors.’ – Kirstin.

Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews – The Filtered

As its name suggests, The Filtered is a special Bailey Blue mask that comes with a filter. Specifically, the mask comes with a 10-pack of PM 2.5 carbon filters, which fits into the mask through a specially designed opening. Altogether, The Filtered has a total of 6 layers, yet manages to strike a balance between breathability and protection. Don’t believe us? Check out the Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews below!

Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews

‘SO SO cute, soft and comfortable! I can wear these new filtered masks for hours and barely notice them. Does not hurt my ears at all. Kids love them. Just take out the filter before washing!’ – Sheryl Williams. 

‘Absolutely love these new filtered masks! We purchased a bunch of the non filtered masks and still love and wear them around the neighborhood, and use the filtered masks when we go out to the grocery store. Will be purchasing more filtered masks going forward. So comfortable and great coverage.’ – Ben Hartford.

‘I like the mask in general, especially the ability to use a filter. I had to tie a knot in the ear loops in order to make a tighter fit around my nose so I think adjustable straps would be great. The masks are soft and reasonably comfortable to wear.’ – Katherine Malin.


All in all, those have been the Bailey Blue clothing masks reviews for their top 3 masks of 2021. If you’d like some more information on choosing Bailey Blue products, check out our top 3 Bailey Blue masks for kids. And if you’re ready to shop, try using this Bailey Blue clothing discount code to save lots!


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