Bailey Blue is a premium retailer of comfortable clothing and face masks – making them almost an essential name to remember during these COVID-19 times. With nearly 2 decades in business, Bailey Blue consistently delivers a simple promise: “Crafted for comfort”. Their products are made with utmost care from the best materials to guarantee an enjoyable wearing experience. And to see that in action, let us review the Hangover mask from Bailey Blue. Additionally, if you’d like to save lots on their products, check out this Bailey Blue clothing discount code.

The Hangover mask review – Feature-packed!

When it comes to Bailey Blue masks, most would think of the Classic Face Covering or the ULTIMATE. After all, they are among the best-selling Bailey masks of 2020. However, there’s one smaller gem that most don’t touch, and that’s the product we’re reviewing today! As its name suggests, the Bailey Blue Hangover mask is a mask that comes with a neck strap for you to hang it off of. While this may make it sound quite similar to the ULTIMATE, the Hangover mask is a lot more feature-rich. 

Benefits of the Hangover mask

A stand-out feature of this product is its anti-fog design. This means that there would be a space for your breath to escape the mask without fogging up your glasses. Another wonderful feature is the inclusion of nose wire, allowing you to adjust the mask to perfectly fit your nose and offer maximal protection. 

What’s more, the Hangover mask comes with a filter pocket, allowing you to fit in an air filter for extra protection should you need to. Its earloops also mean that you can freely adjust the tightness of the strings around your ear. In terms of material, this mask is once again made with the comfortable rayon/spandex jersey fabric we all know and love from other Bailey Blue products. This makes it quite easy to wash by hand and dried simply by laying out flat.

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Drawbacks of the Hangover mask

Given its many benefits, there are also certain drawbacks to the Hangover mask. One such drawback is that it is adult-only, meaning you cannot purchase the same product with the same features for your children, especially those under 13. You can check out our top 3 Bailey Blue kids masks to see what offers are available for your child.

Another drawback is, of course, its increased price compared to other popular Bailey Blue masks such as the Classic Face Covering. A Hangover mask costs $20, while a Classic Face Covering only sets you back $12.

The Hangover mask review – See what other customers think!

As always, an important thing to consider when choosing any product is its customer reviews. Luckily, the reviews on Bailey Blue for the Hangover mask are quite positive!

‘These hangover masks are the best masks I’ve found anywhere. It’s the perfect design to keep the mask in place and from falling down! Adjustable with the ties and so easy to pull up when you need it, and down when you don’t. So handy just having it rest around your neck. And the fact that they’re CUTE, just makes them perfect. A little pricey, but the quality is good! So, in my opinion, it’s worth investing in these, instead of going through a bunch of others that don’t fit, are too thick, etc. These are my go-to now.’ – Jolene.

‘LOVE this mask!! Super comfortable and breathable and the nose clip helps keep things in place. I really enjoy the longer strings as well, perfect for letting my mask hang instead of holding it or setting it down! I’d love to see this mask in solid colors. The stripes are cute but the material is a little thicker and not as breathable in my opinion. The tie dye material is perfect though, just a bit more casual!’ – Jenna. 

‘This mask is AMAZING!!!! I could wear it all day. It’s so soft and it doesn’t fog up my glasses. The neck strap ties so you can set the perfect length! This is a dream come true!’ – Stephanie Elliot. 


So that’s about it for this Bailey Blue product review. We have briefly taken the benefits and drawbacks of the Hangover mask, along with some of its customer reviews. To learn more about these products, check out the top 3 adult masks by Bailey Blue If you’re now ready to make your purchase, don’t miss out on some great savings with this Bailey Blue clothing discount code.


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