Central Vapors is, as its name suggests, the center for all things vape. Their range of products is astounding, from vape juices and kits to even vape mods and accessories. Shopping at Central Vapors means you get access to all of these right at your fingertips, but also at quite a cost. So how do you save on your Central Vapors purchases? A simple tip is to use a Central Vapors coupon code, which we will list down below!

#1 Best Central Vapors coupon code – 25% off all orders

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, our best Central Vapors coupon gives you 25% off all of your orders here. This means that you can enjoy a range of products, including the top 3 best temp control box mods at Central Vapors, at only three fourths of the original price. 

To quantify how much that saving actually is, here are some calculations. For e-juices, you are looking at $2-5 of savings. For vape kits, the price range may vary, but a saving of around $5-20 is often guaranteed. Last but not least, you can save anywhere from $4 to $8 for tanks, while the savings on other accessories vary greatly. To see how much you can save, input this Central Vapors coupon code right now!

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#2 Best Central Vapors coupon code – 25% off nic salt e-juices

A little known fact about Central Vapors is that they started out and is still making vape juices of all kinds and flavors. One of their more successful product lines is the nic salt category, which gives you a little more punch than your usual e-liquid. Of course, one drawback is that nic salt juices often cost more than regular ones, which is why we’re offering you this coupon here!

Central Vapors coupon code

With this Central Vapors coupon code, the cost of your nic salt orders are automatically reduced by 25%. This means you are paying less to enjoy Central Vapors’ wonderful collection of nic salt flavors – some of which are in our list of best-selling Central Vapors e-juices!

#3 Best Central Vapors coupon code – 15% of your purchase

While offering less saving than our #1 best Central Vapors coupon, this coupon still cuts the price of your orders by 15% – a good amount of saving. To give you a peek into how much you can save, think of around $2-15 for e-juices, vape mods, and tanks. As for accessories, there are just so many items on the list that a general estimate would be impossible. Of course, you can find out for yourself by using this Central Vapors coupon code!

How to use your Central Vapors coupon code

Using a coupon here at couponrich.com is a very simple process. In fact, you can use this Central Vapors coupon code in just 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the coupon call-to-action. A code should appear on your screen.
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Copy’ button next to it to copy the coupon code to your clipboard.
  • Step 3: When you proceed to check-out on centralvapors.com, look for the box that says ‘Coupon/Gift certificate’ and paste (Ctrl+V) the coupon code which you just copied into the box
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Apply’ and wait for the site to calculate the reduced price, and then continue to finish your check-out. Simple as that! 


Overall, the 3 coupon codes are among our best Central Vapors coupon code. While there are many ways to save on vape purchases, coupons remain the easiest and most surefire way to get your saving. Therefore, do bookmark this Central Vapors coupon code!


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