Shopping for vape is always an exciting process, simply because there are so many options to choose from and so many product categories. As vape grows from just a tobacco replacement to a full-blown lifestyle, so does its variety and cost. So how do you save when shopping for vapes? Let us introduce you to some of our best coupons for RELX, VaporDNA, and Central Vapors!

Best RELX coupon code – 20% off all orders

RELX is famous for their sleek-looking, feature-packed yet elegantly shaped vape kits. Their most popular products, as detailed in this list of the best-selling RELX products, are leaders in the competition and thus cost quite a bit. 

Best coupons for vape products

Fortunately, with this RELX coupon code, you can save 20% off all orders – from vape kits, pod packs, to disposable e cigs. Ever wanted to expand your vape collection with some RELX products but can’t? Well, now you can enjoy up to $15 in saving with this RELX coupon code. Enjoy!

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Best VaporDNA coupon code – 20% off all products

VaporDNA is an all-in-one store for all things vape. Want vape kits? They have them. Fancy some mods? Come choose. Need some accessories? Help yourself with literally hundreds of items listed here!

Best coupons for vape products

While VaporDNA does strive to offer some great deals when they can, their top-tier products, such as those in this top 5 most popular VaporDNA vape kits article can cost quite a bit. Thus, we present to you this wonderful 20%-off-all-orders VaporDNA coupon code! By simply copying and pasting this coupon, you are saving a fifth of any order. This translates to around $5-40. Sweet!

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Best Central Vapors coupon code – 25% off all orders

Central Vapors is prominent as both an e-juice manufacturer and an extensive vape shop. Like VaporDNA, they serve up almost everything you need to vape here, from vape kits and juices to different types of mods and accessories. 

The best thing about Central Vapors is that they offer quite a variety of coupons, which you can see in our best Central Vapors coupons article. Their best coupon gives you 25% off all orders – a great deal if you consider how much some of their premium products cost. In dollar terms, you are saving anywhere between $2-5 and $20-25. Grab this Central Vapors coupon code now to start saving!

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Overall, the 3 coupons we presented above are the best coupons for RELX, VaporDNA, and Central Vapors. With such a variety of high-quality products to purchase, you are sure to ease off some of your shopping cost by using any of these coupons!


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