Toolstoday is one of the most popular website for woodworkers to choose the best and high-quality tool for their work. On this website, you can buy the best tools for your woodworking as well as doing your DIY projects. Here is the list of best sellers of Toolstoday for you to explore. Let’s see all of this now!

1. Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Flush Trim 5/8 Inch Long Router Bit 

Toolstoday Router Bit

It is considered to be excellent for template work!

You can use these flush trimming bits for laminate work or for template and pattern work. For template application, the bearing follows the template, while the cutting edges trim the workpiece. With the router handheld, the template is on the bottom of the work. With a table-mounted router, the template is on top.

The two-flute bit is a good general-purpose choice, providing fast cuts and good finishes.

Insert flush trimming router bit priced comparably to brazed router bits with at least 4 times longer tool life right now. Fortunately, you can use Toolstoday coupon code to get 10% off the price when buying this product.

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2. Amana Tool Carbide Tipped Brad Point Boring Bit 

Toolstoday Carbide Tipped Brad Point Boring Bit

The next one we want to introduce is Amana Boring Bit. This Industrial Brad Point Boring Bits are coated with a non-stick coating for longer lasting cutting edge and tool life. 

Amana Tool dowel drills are coated with a special Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a non-stick color coating. In cases where the carbide tip cutting edges are coated, there is no need to sand the coating off before use. Once the tool starts drilling, the coating is cleared off the needed cutting edge right away. Click Toolstoday offer: 10% off all orders to get a useful coupon for your Toolstoday shopping.

Amana’s coating is applied onto the bit at a temperature of 570° F. The coating reduces the friction between the chip and the body inside the flute and it helps to clear the chips out of the hole during the drilling creating a cooler drilling area, no burning and longer lasting cutting edge.

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3. Amana Tool Insert Carbide Spiral Jointing 1-1/4 Bore Shaper Cutter

 shaper cutter

Hard wearing aluminum body complete with 4-sided solid carbide insert knives produces cuts so smooth it practically eliminates sanding. The secret is in the spiral pattern of the twelve individual knives. Unlike conventional cutterheads, there is always a knife in contact with the surface of the stock. This unique design totally eliminates the rippled, textured surface normally associated with wing type cutterheads. Suitable for planing and jointing in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards on a spindle molder. 

How to sharpen

Sharpening is easy, too. When the long lasting solid tungsten carbide knives show wear, simply rotate each knife a quarter turn. That’s it.

Pattern sharping 

Can be used with a bearing guide and ring fence for planning and routing curved work pieces with a template. If Rub Collar is needed, the correct rub collar is #61596


Produces cuts so smooth it practically eliminates sanding. Each cutter head features:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction with precision ground, micro-grain carbide knives.
  • Positive locking system to hold the knives, which ensures exact indexing, less down-time and more production.
  • Unique spiral/staggered design utilizing 12 carbide knives, each having 4 cutting edges.
  • Manufactured to strict ‘BG’ specifications, which limits the chip thickness for a safer, more controlled cut.

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4. Amana Tool Electro-Blu Carbide Tipped Double-Face Melamine 10 Inch Circular Saw Blade

Circular Saw Blade

It is evaluated as one of the best circular saw blade. Choosing the best dado blade requires many aspects such as compatibility, size and materials. This circular saw blade is specifically designed to cut melamine chip-free on both sides provided that your table saw fence is square to the blade and the arbor is running true. Special High-ATB grind (with 25 degree bevels) slices cleanly through fragile surface coatings like melamine and laminate. Coupled with a thick, heavy-duty plate for added stability, this blade produces extremely smooth cuts.

Single and Double-sided melamine & laminate cutting saw blades

  • Provides incredibly smooth chip-free cuts
  • Thick plate with copper plugs practically eliminates vibration
  • Carbide tipped, easily resharpened.


We just show you best sellers of Toolstoday for your woodworking. We will try our best to provide you latest update about products and promotion program of Toolstoday. Don’t miss the chance to get the excellent tools for woodworking and save your money with Toolstoday coupon code.


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