RELX vape is at the forefront of both technology and design in the industry. Their products, despite the sleek and premium feeling, come at a reasonable price tag that allows most vapers to enjoy. So what are the best-selling RELX e cig of 2021? Find out in our article below!

#1 Best-selling RELX vape: RELX Classic

Nothing beats a classic, and this also applies to RELX vape products. With its affordable price tag and lower entry requirement, the RELX Classic vape kit is suitable for both beginner and advanced vapers. While armed with less advanced technologies than the more innovative RELX Alpha, the RELX Classic still leads the game in many aspects. 

Best-selling RELX vape products of 2020

The RELX Classic starter kit comes at $39.90 and includes 1 device, 1 pod, and 1 micro-USB charging cable, making it quite reasonably priced, especially when we compare RELX vs JUUL – one of its direct competitors. The RELX Classic’s battery has a capacity of 350mAh – enough to last up to 2-3 days – and takes around 45-60 minutes to charge with its micro-USB cable. 

RELX Classic pods sets you back $16.99 for a pack of three 2ml pods at 3%/5% nicotine strengths. There are currently 11 available RELX Classic flavors, some of which being best-selling flavors: 

  • Classic Flavor series: Mint, Classic Tobacco
  • Creative series: Ludou Ice
  • Fresh series: Blue Burst, Fresh Red, Tangy Purple, Dark Sparkle, Turbo Red
  • Beverage series: Fruit Tea, White Freeze, Fragrant Fruit

Overall, the RELX Classic offers great value for money and is best for beginners to intermediate vapers. To get your RELX Classic for less, simply input this RELXNOW promo code!

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#2 Best-selling RELX vape: RELX Alpha

Sleeker and more technologically advanced than the RELX Classic is the cutting-edge RELX Alpha. The RELX Alpha keeps what makes the RELX Classic such a great vape kit and adds both style and usability, making it truly the top-of-the-line RELX vape. 

Best-selling RELX vape products of 2020

The RELX Alpha kit ships at $47.92 for 1 device, 2 AlphaPods, and 1 USB-C Cable. Its lithium-ion battery holds up to 340mAh, lasting a full day for heavy users and 2-3 days for lighter users. What’s more, the great thing about this battery is that it is chargeable via a USB-C port, offering lightning fast charging that reduces waiting time to only 40 minutes. 

A pack of AlphaPods sells for $14.99 and includes two 1.6ml pods at 3%/5% nicotine strengths. The pods come in 13 unique flavors, including 5 premium ones that are exclusive to the RELX Alpha: 

  • The Icy Blast series: Ludou Ice and Mint
  • The Fresh series: Tropical Fruit Squeeze, Citrus Splash, Fresh Red, Blue Burst, Tropical Fruit
  • The Beverage series: Fruit Tea, Coffee, Fruit Punch, Dark Sparkle, Fruit Beer
  • The Creative series: White Freeze

One thing that sets the Alpha apart from other RELX vape products is its abundance of premium features and technologies such as the 4th generation of the award-winning FEELM technology, as well as the innovative AlphaStream design. These advanced additions, along with the RELX Alpha’s high-class design, is among our top 3 reasons to choose it.

#3 Best-selling RELX vape: RELX Nano

While lagging quite behind its bigger brothers, the RELX Nano disposable e cigarette still makes it as an honorable mention on our list. At $5.90, the RELX Nano is a great way for people curious to get into vaping to try it out.

The RELX Nano comes in a simple package, which literally contains only 1 small device. The compact size of the Nano means it is suitable for many situations, especially while on a trip. Nevertheless, this RELX vape still packs some serious punch with its 270mAh battery and 1.4ml built-in pod, allowing for up to 200 puffs. 

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The 3 RELX vape devices above are the best-selling of 2021 and also our recommendation for vapers of all levels. If you’re someone starting out, don’t forget to read through our tips to choose a RELX vape for starters. And if you’re ready to make a purchase, keep in mind this RELXNOW coupon code!


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