After discovering amazing benefits and top reasons why you need a standing desk footrest, you may make up your mind to buy a footrest for your home or office. However, many different types and designs of standing desk footrest on the market might make you confused and indecisive to choose the best one. We created a list of the best standing desk footrest for your ease and convenience of choosing the most appropriate for your own. Let’s see now!

#1 best standing desk footrest: Flexispot Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1

Flexispot best standing desk footrest Anti Fatigue Mat DM1

Key features:

The Flexispot DM1 anti-fatigue mat has the dimensions of 32.3” x 20.5” which allows more space for you to move and shift position anytime. It is designed for dynamic movements. You can even wear shoes or work in your socks while working with DM1. 

With multiple massage points and mounds, the Flexispot anti-fatigue mat helps you enjoy a constant foot massage through your natural body movements. Standing on this mat will help reduce tiredness of your feet, improve blood circulation, and increase physical and mental relaxation.

With a thickness of 0.98 inches, the Flexispot mat ensure your comfort. This means that the thick cushioning distributes the force of gravity while your stand, thereby decreasing the pressure on your feet and boosting your comfort.

Interestingly, this mat is easy to move with a push of your foot but won’t slip or skid while you’re standing. The Flexispot DM1 has a no-skid design with a grooved skid-proof bottom that moves easily from sitting to standing.


  • Designed for dynamic movements
  • Multiple massage points
  • Thick enough to ensure your comfort
  • No-skid design


  • Quite pricey

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#2 best standing desk footrest: Office Ottoman Standing Desk FootRest

best standing desk footrest: Office Ottoman Standing Desk FootRest

Key features:

With impressive appearance and stunning features, Office Ottoman Footrest really provide comfort to your feet. It also has the semi-cylindrical design which allows users to put their feet at different positions and angles freely. Specially, this footrest features a velour cover that is machine washable. The feature we love most is the special surface that is non slip, even on wooden floors, unlike many other normal foam footrests. As this footrest has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic features, the foam is resistant to bacterial growth and impossible to cause any allergic reaction.

It is lightweight so as to be suitable for use in many places such as house, office, car or even on the plane. At 4 inches tall, the cushion takes the shape of a half-cylinder, providing ergonomic support while remaining short enough so your knees don’t hit your desk.

Office Ottoman offers an attractive warranty including a 30-day manufacturer’s replacement or refund, and a one-year warranty. 

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  • Half-cylindrical shape allows users to switch between rocking and non-rocking modes
  • Lightweight and portable design enables ergonomic support anytime
  • Cover is machine washable


  • 4” height of footrest may not suit everyone, especially shorter users
  • Cushion material may not be firm enough for some users

#3 best standing desk footrest: Flexispot Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

best standing desk footrest: Flexispot Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Key features:

It is another great ergonomic standing solution of Flexispot. A long day on your feet can leave you achy and sore. With the Flexispot MT1 anti-fatigue mat, you might solve this issue. This standing desk anti-fatigue mat has been designed for your comfort, ensuring that no matter where and how long you work, you’ll feel comfortable and stay productive.

With ergonomic design, it is not only suitable for use in office but it also work well in the kitchen or other places. Whether you’re standing in the kitchen or doing household chores, it offers a cushioned layer of support that alleviate pressure on your legs to reduce stress and fatigue.

The MT1 mat eliminates the annoyances of other normal anti-fatigue mats with its no-skid surface. Thanks to this impressive feature, it can keep slipping to a minimum no matter what surface you’re standing on. Flexispot MT1 mat comes with beveled edges which ensure the mat will not curl up in the future. Moreover, the smooth surface is washable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • Innovative design to ensure your comfort
  • Anti-skid and easy to clean
  • Washable surface


  • Quite narrow, not support best for those with larger body sizes.

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#4 best standing desk footrest: Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest

best standing desk footrest: Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Footrest

Key features:

The Eureka Adjustable Footrest is a quality metal footrest that is not only sturdy, but looks fancy and offers a great touch.

This footrest also features some textured grooves to help massage the feet. Its fans have been singing their praises for larger usable surface of Eureka footrest, with a stable platform that doesn’t rock easily. It helps you really run your feet across the textured surface throughout the day to get a soothing foot massage.

Specially, instead of being lockable, the tilt angle of the Eureka is free floating between 20 degrees and -20 degrees to suit the size of your body. The angle of the unlocked footrest varies based on pressure from your feet, so you can move up and down your legs or feet to stay active at your office.  Raised-bumps on the surface help massage the soles of your feet to promote better circulation and reduce stress. 

The footstool is made from metal and eco-friendly rubber, so it is preferred by those having green lifestyle. Furthermore, there is a rubber composition at the bottom of the footrest to prevent it from slipping on even carpet, wood, or tile.


  • Perfect 20 degree angle to put your feet at a comfortable angle out of the box.
  • Textured surface to give your feet a frequent massage 
  • High quality rubber and metal construction.


  • No height adjustments
  • Some users have complained that the footrest can slide on wood floors

#5 best standing desk footrest: ErgoFoam Premium Foot Rest

best standing desk footrest: ErgoFoam Premium Foot Rest

Key features:

Ergofoam Footrest is an innovative footrest that is height adjustable, creating the most versatile foam footrest on the market. 

The Ergofoam has height adjustment ranging from 3.9″ to 5.9”. Specially, there is a second piece that attaches to the foam footrest using velcro. It securely raises it to the later setting for best support for shorter people or to turn the footrest into a more pronounced rocker and facilitate the movements of your legs.

Unlike many other memory foam footrests that tend to flatten during use, Ergofoam Ergonomic Foot Rest is made with its high-density foam to give firm support for your feet. This also helps you sit upright, helping you get good posture, improving circulation and minimizing any back, feet, leg, and knee pains. 


  • Height adjustable between 3.9″ and 5.9″
  • Non slip cover can easily be removed for washing
  • High density foam holds its shape well even under weight
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Relatively expensive compared to other foam footrests.

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We just show you a list of top best standing desk footrest. We hope that you can have enough contemporary knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of each footrest and choose the best suitable for you. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to save 10% off the order when purchasing Flexispot products. 


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