To anyone looking for ways to cleanse at an affordable price, we have some good news for you. Now, Blueprintcleanse is offering 15% all orders with Blueprint Foundation cleanse, Renovation cleanse, Keep It 100, juices, vinegar tonics, and much more. All you have to do is use the Blueprint cleanse promo code “HELLO15” at checkout. That’s it! Easy-peasy, right?

Extra Blueprint Cleanse discount January 2022

The following is all kinds of Blueprintcleanse that you apply the code “HELLO15” for a 15% discount. Moreover, please note that for items already on sale, you still can use the Blueprint cleanse promo code for further reduction.

1. Cleanses

Summer is the best season to cleanse for the beach body. Don’t know how to Blueprint cleanse in summer? BluePrint Juice Cleanse will help you all the process.  Their line of organic cleanses offers a variety of options for first-timers, experienced organic juice drinkers, and everyone in between

Blueprint cleanse

Extra Blueprint Cleanse discount January 2022

2. Juices

Now, summer is coming with hot weather all day. It’s great to have something cold to help you reduce the sun’s heat. Organic,cold-pressed juices packed with fruits and vegetables so you can drink your daily greens and nutrients on-the-go.

Blueprint juice

Extra Blueprint Cleanse discount January 2022

3. 2oz SuperBoosters

Whether it’s an extra dose of hydration or a post-workout pick-me-up, these potent 2oz blends deliver quick doses of the functional ingredients your body needs.

Blueprint 2oz Super Boosters

4. Wellness Packs

Finding juice cleansing is too complicated and difficult to take? Wellness Packs can solve all problems. Already selected in a pack with considering the balance of nutrition and numbered from 1 to 6 in drinking order, it will be super easy for you to drink even on the busiest day. Let elevate your healthy routine with these various bundles of cold-pressed juices, apple cider vinegar tonics, and organic wellness shots. 

Blueprint wellness packs

5. Vinegar Tonics

Ready to crush your mornings? The blend of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with cold-pressed juices helps you get things moving with these tasty tonics.

Blueprint vinegar tonics


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