Blueprintcleanse is currently one of the most favored juice brands in the US market. Combining luck and efficiency, Blueprintcleanse is a thriving company with two factories (in Long Island City and Los Angeles), scores of employees, partnerships with famous distributors such as Whole Foods, Amazon, … and the company is grossing more than $ 20 million a year. What makes the success of Blueprint? Learn the story behind the brand’s development for the answer.


The birth of Blueprintcleanse

The story of Blueprintcleanse begins when Zoe Sakoutis – a nutrition consultant – caught a cold, she reached out to her friend, a food expert named Erica Huss for a few advice. Her friend suggested doing a 7-day juice cleanse to improve the current health condition. Zoe took it seriously, followed diligently, and surprised with what she achieved at the end. Starting with the simple urge to feel better, the unexpected health outcomes motivated Zoe to do more than that. She desired to share this wonderful experience and the benefits of juice with the world.

Erica and Zoe began creating a line of drinks packed with the best natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables. This juice not only satisfies the taste buds but also energizes the body. In 2007, the brand Blueprint was born as an unprocessed juice company. At this time, although cleanse juice is still new and not yet popular, news quickly spread that Blueprintcleanse can help to get through even the busiest day.

The turning point in the development of Blueprintcleanse

In 2012, Blueprint was acquired by Hain Celestial Group, one of the largest US companies dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more energetic lives organically. This stage is Blueprintcleanse’s turning point because, with the support of Hain, the BluePrint® brand has evolved to sell more than just cleanse and grew significantly. The company began to treat its juices with a technique called HPP (alternately referred to as high-pressure processing and high-pressure pascalization).

HPP is the key component in the success story of Blueprintcleanse. It is a pasteurization method that does not involve temperature manipulation and to preserve juice integrity. HPP uses tons of pressure to curb the growth of a microbiome that naturally extends shelf life. This method is superior to thermal pasteurization because it preserves the flavor and nutritional content of juices. In the non-heat process, the juice is bottled, sealed, then loaded into the steel chamber. Coldwater enters the chamber through high-pressure piping, effectively eliminating microorganisms and increasing the wholesale ability of companies. Thanks to the application of HPP, Blueprintcleanse is able to be carried at places like Whole Foods and Target, where some sort of pasteurization process is required by the FDA. Moreover, the company also has the ability to scale up in quantities of juice to supply for the retail market.

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Currently, Blueprintcleanse has developed 5 product lines for the US market. 

1. Blueprint Juices:

Organic,cold-pressed juices packed with fruits and vegetables so you can drink your daily greens and nutrients on-the-go. Available in 6-packs.

2. Blueprint Wellness Packs:

Elevate your healthy routine with these various bundles of cold-pressed juices, apple cider vinegar tonics, and organic wellness shots. 

Blueprint Keep It 100

3. Blueprint 2oz SuperBoosters:

Whether it’s an extra dose of hydration or a post-workout pick-me-up, these potent 2oz blends deliver quick doses of the functional ingredients your body needs.

4. Blueprintcleanse:

Hit the reset button with BluePrint Juice Cleanse. Our line of organic cleanses offers a variety of options for first-timers, experienced organic juice drinkers, and everyone in between.

5. Blueprint Vinegar Tonics:

Ready to crush your mornings? The blend of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with cold-pressed juices helps you get things moving with these tasty tonics.

Blueprint vinegar tonics

Besides, they always update their Blueprint best sellers for customers so that they can choose the cleanse easier and faster. Blueprint also gives Blueprint cleanse coupon code for the online shoppers to save money.

From the humble growth at the beginning, the Blueprintcleanse has strived to thrive with the mission to bring good health and active life to everyone. The company always attempts to innovate to help people make the most of every moment of their lives. This innovative spirit is one of the key factors contributing to the success of Blueprint that we learn from the story of Blueprintcleanse.


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