Many people have questioned if they can do exercise during Blueprint cleanse. This wonder arises because you mostly consume juices that have much lower calories than the normal diet. Thus, you might feel tired and hungry while exercising might consume a lot of your energy. Check out our article to find out the answer you’re looking for. 

Yes, you definitely should do exercise while doing Blueprint cleanse

Blueprint cleanse is a process of replacing foods by organic and nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable juices to eliminate toxins and improve health. The nature of cleansing is giving the digestive system a break by providing nutrition through juices so that it can do self-elimination function optimally. Exercising during Blueprint can help to support the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. 

But, the important thing is to choose your workouts carefully. Not all kinds of exercises are recommended. In this article, we give you some suggestions to help you get the most out of your Blueprint cleanse workouts!

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Our recommendation for doing exercise during Blueprint Cleanse

Should do exercises

  • Yoga: This light exercise is a great way to loosen your muscles without too much high impact, cardiovascular stress.
exercise should do during Blueprint cleanse
  • Brisk Walking: A 20-minute brisk walking in the morning will help jump-start your digestive system and keep everything moving throughout the day.
  • Swim: Swimming is a perfect way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure with a low impact and easy to do as well.
  • Meditation in motion: While doing a body detox, a mind cleanse is a perfect combination for you to take. Meditation encourages your strength and balance as well as increases the effectiveness of Blueprint cleanse. 
exercise should do in Blueprint cleanse

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Should not do exercises

  • Long or High Impact Workouts: Please note that part of cleansing is resting. Therefore, this kind of exercise is not suitable while doing cleanse. Try to stay away from workout leading to a lot of cardiovascular stress.

You definitely should do exercise during Blueprint cleanse! As your digestive tract rests, you may be surprised to experience a boost in energy. To ensure this workout is the best for your cleansing process, you should carefully choose light exercises as our recommendation. And be sure to drink plenty of water during and after.

Blueprint cleanse will be worth the most if you know how to balance your diet and extra activities during as well as post-cleanse. There are also ways to find good deals for Blueprint cleanse, one of them is to use Couponrich to find Blueprint cleanse promo code to get an extra reduction. Find your code at and grab your order today!


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