Taking a Blueprint cleanse means you will commit to using juices for a certain amount of time to give your digestive system a break and detox. Therefore, many people feel worried that they will be hungry and lack energy. Perhaps you’re also in that situation and wondering if you can eat while you’re on Blueprint cleanse? We have the answers to your questions.

The answer is yes. You can eat on a Blueprint cleanse.

The good news is that you can eat during Blueprint cleanse. Unlike many rumors that eating while you cleanse will ruin all efforts, it still brings you some benefits.

Besides, although you may hear somewhere that during the cleanse, you will extremely starve and lack energy, don’t worry about it too much. Following the cleanse schedule designed by Blueprint, you’ll consume 8 grams of protein per 16 fl. oz in our Nut & Bolt Cashew Milk, which adds protein to you every day. Moreover, having 6 bottles of juices per day, we think you will be full of a lot of water. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get your Blueprint cleanse juice now to enjoy discounts from Blueprint cleanse promo code.

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However, it is not recommended to eat during Blueprint cleanse, especially solid food.

As you know, the concept of the Blueprint cleanse is to restrict food including macro-nutrients like fat and protein from your diet. Therefore, not everything you eat while on Blueprint cleanse has the same benefits, especially solid food. The tip is eating the fruits and vegetables that are in the juice you’ve had. 

you can eat fruits and vegetables on a Blueprint cleanse

For the first day of the cleanse, you may have some mangoes, carrots, avocado, cucumbers, fresh oranges and lemon juice, and warm vegetable broth. Salads are always a great choice for a more filling meal, make it with olive oil and balsamic. On the second day, besides eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and salads to fulfill your stomach, unsweetened hot or iced green tea and sweet potato for dinner is also a great option.

Here’s an example of schedule for drink juices and eating on Blueprint cleanse

Below is the sample of 1-day schedule with Blueprint renovation cleanse for first-time and intermediate level cleanser :

 1-day schedule with Blueprint renovation cleanse
Blueprint renovation cleanse
  • Drink Kale it Up: contains romaine juice, apple juice, water, celery juice, cucumber juice, kale juice, lemon juice, spinach juice, parsley juice, and ginger juice.
  • Breakfast: Papaya
  • Drink Pineapple Power: contains pineapple juice, organic apple juice, water, and mint juice.
  • Drink Kale it Up
  • Lunch: Big salad loaded with sprouts and veggies with oil and vinegar dressing
  • Snack: Protein smoothie (2 scoops protein, 8 oz. of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1 tablespoon of almond butter)
  • Drink Lemon Reset: contains water, lemon juice, agave syrup, pepper extract.
  • Drink Beet Blast: contains apple juice, carrot juice, beet juice, water, lemon juice, and ginger juice
  • Dinner: Another salad loaded with sprouts and veggies with oil and vinegar dressing
  • Drink Nut & Bolt: contains cashew milk, date butter, vanilla extract, Gellan Gum, and cinnamon.

Check out 7 day juice cleanse plan to reboot your health for more examples.

In short, although eating is not highly recommended when you are in a cleansing process, it does not mean that you cannot eat anything. Having the right foods will also facilitate your cleanse work better. No more worry about it now, right? So why don’t you order Blueprint cleanse juices and do a cleanse now? They are offering Blueprint cleanse coupon code for cleanse juice, don’t miss out on this chance!


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