RELX’s lithium-ion batteries are among the most long-lasting and fast-charging in the vape industry. Yet, you might still sometimes find yourself craving for one more puff while your RELX e cig is charging. So, can you vape while charging your RELX? The answer is yes, but it is not recommended. To find out why, read our article below, and don’t forget to pick up this RELXNOW coupon to save on your purchases!

How does a RELX e cig charge?

As mentioned above, most RELX products use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can deliver fast and simple charging as well as beefy battery life. To answer the question of ‘Can you vape while charging your RELX e cig?’, we first need to learn the charging mechanism of a RELX vape pen.

Components of a RELX e cig

Can you vape while charging your RELX e cig?

While RELX does have quite a lot of vape models, the 2 most prominent are the RELX Classic and RELX Alpha. There are some common components inside both of these 2 RELX e cig, which include a mouthpiece, a heating coil, a vape pod, and a rechargeable power supply. That power supply is, of course, RELX’s high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

How to charge a RELX e cig

Knowing how to charge a RELX e cig is essential to answer the question of ‘Can you vape while charging?’. While there are many ways to charge a RELX vape pen, the most simple way is using its default charging cable.

There is a charging port at the bottom of all RELX devices, except for the disposable RELX Nano and Nano 2. For the RELX Classic, the port is a micro-USB port, while for the revolutionary RELX Alpha, the port is a USB-C port. To charge your RELX e cig, simply insert the charging cable into the port and plug into any power outlet. 

And… that’s about it! Simply leave the device charging for 40 – 60 minutes and you’re all set. To grab a RELX e cig for less, remember to use this RELXNOW promo code!

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So, can you vape while charging your RELX?

As mentioned, the short answer to this question would be yes. However, doing so is not recommended. To find out why, read below.

Pass-through charging

To understand whether or not can you vape while charging, it is important to understand the concept of pass-through charging. Pass-through charging simply means that the power that your device receives during charging can go directly into powering your usage, meaning you can technically use your e cigarette while it is charging.

Here’s why you may not want to vape while charging

Even though pass-through charging is available on most modern vapes, there are a few reasons why it is not a good idea to use your RELX e cig while charging:

  • Potential overheating: while pass-through charging allows for usage during charging, users who do so frequently are running the risk of overheating their devices and batteries. Contrary to popular myths, this would not directly lead to explosions, but it can cause some degradation to your battery over time
  • Let’s get real, RELX charging is fast enough: as we have said above, a RELX e cig can complete a full charge cycle in under an hour most of the time. Using the device during charging will slow down that charge time, making it take longer for you to get the full RELX experience. Thus, just practice some patience, and we promise you will have a much better experience!


So that’s your answer to the question of ‘Can you vape while charging a RELX?’. Yes, it can be done, but no, it’s not recommended. You are much better off waiting a full charge cycle to get the most out of your RELX e cig. And to save on your next RELX buys, simply input this RELXNOW discount code! For more RELX guides, check out these RELX instructions to get you started!


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