Central Vapors is one of the most prolific e-liquid manufacturers out there, with a catalogue of over 100 liquids. They pride themselves greatly on the quality of their products, which are crafted by a team of well-trained and vape-loving professionals. In this Central Vapors e juice review, let us go through the top 3 best flavor types that make Central Vapors liquids so great. While you’re at it, don’t forget to use this Central Vapors coupon code to save lots!

#1 – Fruit Flavors – Central Vapors e juice review

For Central Vapors e juices, fruit flavors are long regarded as some of the best among the bunch. They are among the most flavorful and delicious tastes vapes can offer. Another great thing about fruit flavors is that they are extremely diverse, sometimes as diverse as the number of fruits themselves. 

Central Vapors e juice review

Our Central Vapors e juice review concludes that the best candy e-liquid is undoubtedly Papa Smurf, which also tops our list of best-selling e-juices on Central Vapors. The juice is a great blend of blueberries and strawberries, giving a sweet and smooth output. Additionally, every puff is infused with a creamy texture to make the taste even richer.

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#2 – Candy Flavors – Central Vapors e juice review

Who doesn’t need some sweetness in their life? With candy flavors, you can enjoy vaping while catering to your sweet tooth at the same time! What’s more, the range of candy e-juices available on Central Vapors is immense. Want some gum? Got it. Need to munch on some caramel? Sure. Fancy some taffy? There’s even a flavor for that!

Central Vapors e juice review

Out of all candy flavors, Candy Cane certainly tops our Central Vapors e juice review. With peppermint at its heart, this flavor gives you a flavor explosion that strikes a balance between cool and sweet with every draw.

#3 – Tobacco Flavors – Central Vapors e juice review

Nothing beats the classic taste of tobacco. With that in mind, Central Vapors commit to creating not only the finest tobacco flavors but also some greatly creative derivatives. The sheet number of tobacco flavors on Central Vapors seriously blows our mind. 

Central Vapors e juice review

Die hard fans of tobacco can choose to stick to Original Tobacco, while the more adventurous can certainly try out Bees Bacco or Butterscotch Tobacco. According to our Central Vapors e juice review, Blu-bacco remains the best of tobacco flavors. It strikes a good balance between old and new by sticking to the tobacco flavor while introducing a touch of blueberries. An unlike combination, but one that actually works very well! 

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Honorable Mention – Premium Flavors

It would be a shame visiting Central Vapors without trying their line of premium flavors. These are perfectly hand-crafted exotic liquids that exude quality. They are simple, subtle, yet flavorful and make for a truly gourmet vaping experience. 

Among the premium e-liquids Central Vapors offer, we recommend Prosper – a liquid that has made it into our previous Central Vapors e juice review. Like other premium flavors, Prosper is simple with a grape base that explodes into smooth and sweet puffs. A subtle hint of tart on the draw further enhances the experience with this e-liquid.


So that was it for our Central Vapors e juice review. We have picked out our top 3 flavor types, along with an honorable mention. What about your favorite flavor types? Whichever they are, you are sure to save on them using this Central Vapors coupon!


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