Before Central Vapors became one of the biggest vape shops online, they were best known for their high quality e-juices. Their e-juices offer great flavors and even greater variety, from candy and cereal to coffee and tobacco, and even nic salt options. Therefore, let us take you through the best-selling e-juices that rock the Central Vapors reviews across many Central Vapors flavor types. At the same time, do check out this excellent Central Vapors coupon code to save when you shop here!

#1 – Papa Smurf e-juice – Central Vapors reviews

Papa Smurf is the king of all Central Vapors fruity e-liquids. Central Vapors reviews give it a straight 5 out of 5 at the time of writing, and we agree! The juice is a beautiful mix of blueberries and strawberries to give a sweet and smooth sensation. To top it all off, every puff is infused with a creamy texture to make the taste even better.

Central Vapors reviews

Papa Smurf is available in 10ml, 30ml, or 50ml bottles, at 0-24mg of nicotine. You can also get this flavor in a salt nic option, which increases the nicotine content to 30mg or 50mg. And, of course, to save on Papa Smurf and other e-juices, use this Central Vapors coupon code!

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#2 – Candy Cane e-juice – Central Vapors reviews

If Papa Smurf is the king of fruities, then Candy Cane is the king of all candy flavors in Central Vapors. And just like its counterpart, this one also gets a full 5-star rating by the Central Vapors reviews. The juice is both an explosion in taste and aroma, with cool peppermint at its core. It strikes a good balance between sweet and minty, and gives a refreshingly cool feeling with every puff.

Candy Cane is available in the same options as Papa Smurf and is best when paired with the top 3 temp control box mods on Central Vapors.

#3 – Prosper e-juice – Central Vapors reviews

Central Vapors reviews

Prosper at first doesn’t even sound like a flavor, yet it is taking the Central Vapors reviews by storm. This flavor is one of the few that sits in Central Vapors’ premium line-up. As the official site describes it, Prosper is a gourmet, grape-based flavor explosion that gives you a smooth and sweet exhale. The experience is further enhanced with a hint of tart as you puff. 

Like other premium Central Vapors e-liquids, Prosper comes in 15/30ml bottles with 0-24mg of nicotine. 

#4 – Blu-bacco e-juice – Central Vapors reviews

Die-hard fan of the traditional tobacco taste but also looking for something new? Try Blu-bacco, a combination of blueberries and tobacco flavors to strike a balance between old and new. The familiar sensation of classic tobacco is quickly blended with sweet blueberry as you puff, delivering an experience like no other.

Blu-bacco is available in the same options as Papa Smurf and Candy Cane. 

#5 – Creamberry e-juice – Central Vapors reviews

Dessert flavors are some of the best, not only in Central Vapors but also among the most popular e-liquids on VaporDNA. Creamberry represents the best of dessert flavors, and the Central Vapors reviews love it! The juice is, as you can tell, a mix of cream and strawberry flavor that produces a sweet and creamy burst as you exhale. What more can you want?! 

Creamberry is available in the same options as Papa Smurf, Candy Cane, and Blu-bacco.


In summary, these have been the top 5 e-juice flavors on Central Vapors. The flavors we cover range from the regular fruity and dessert tastes to even a premium flavor with the gourmet treatment. To get any of these e-juices at a discounted price, simply input this Central Vapors coupon code! And to get some good devices for your e-juice, check out our most unique vapors you should not miss.


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