Outdoor curtains waterproof are great additions to your patio or balcony. Not only are they good at providing privacy and comfort, they are also a good touch of style and intricacy. Shopping for outdoor curtains is often a daunting task, as there are so many brands out there with different offers and differ prices. Today, let us give you some tips on choosing the right outdoor curtains, as well as recommend Snow City – a great brand for curtains. To get their products at a reduced price, get this SnowCityShop coupon code now!

Choosing suitable outdoor curtains waterproof – Materials

Materials is often people’s last concern when choosing outdoor curtains waterproof, but they in fact should be the first consideration. Why? Because depending on the fabric of your outdoor curtains, it could either perform really in terms of color retention and UV blocking and last long, or fade after just one or two years of use or even less. 

As mentioned in our article on fabrics for outdoor curtains, olefin is the best and safest choice for outdoor curtain material. Being a synthetic fabric that’s dyeable using pigment or solutions, olefin manages to preserve its color for a long time even under the effect of sunlight. In fact, it is a great UV-resistant fabric to bring nice cool shades to your patio. Along with that, olefin also scores some major points by being extremely soft, lightweight, and quick-to-dry – all what you want from an outdoor curtain.

If you cannot find a local shop that uses olefin, then acrylic fabric is also a good replacement. Being solution-dyed, this type of fabric can last just as long as olefin in terms of color. However, a downside of acrylic is its high flammability, making it a potential fire hazard.

With Snow City, you are sure to be given the best fabric for every curtain you order. Using Snow City Shop’s own olefin-based material, their products are great at withstanding sunlight to serve you for years. Snow City curtains are also highly durable and easy to clean, being machine-washable at moderate temperatures. To get their products for less, try out these SnowCityShop coupon code!

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Choosing suitable outdoor curtains waterproof – Color & Design

Color and design is another area you’d want to focus on when picking your outdoor curtains waterproof, since you would most of the time be displaying your curtain outdoors. Make sure the brand you pick is offering you a diverse range of options in terms of both plain colors and patterns so that you can pick whichever suits your space most.

outdoor curtains waterproof

With Snow City, you have access to 12 magnificent colors available for their plain-color curtain line: Black, Brown, Olive Green, Teal Blue, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Gray, Cream, Red, Beige, and Silver Grey. In terms of patterns, you have access to 4 beautifully designed patterns to spice up your curtain set: banana leaf, leopard, green leaves, and flame bird.

Choosing suitable outdoor curtains waterproof – Sizes

With materials and designs out of the way, the final considerations for your outdoor curtains waterproof are technical ones. Of course, for installing any curtain set, knowing the size required to fit is crucial. For Snow City outdoor curtains, up to 5 different sizes are available, so you can choose one that fits your space best:

  • 52 inches x 84 inches (Width x Length)
  • 52 inches x 95 inches (Width x Length)
  • 100 inches x 84 inches (Width x Length)
  • 100 inches x 95 inches (Width x Length)
  • 100 inches x 108 inches (Width x Length)
outdoor curtains waterproof


So those were the tips we felt were most important for you to choose your outdoor curtains waterproof. Let us know if we’ve missed any, or if you’re planning to get your own set of outdoor curtains anytime soon! If you do, make sure to grab this SnowCityShop coupon code to benefit from our amazing savings, or read this article to see which Snow City curtains is best for you!


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