If you are hesitating to purchase Flexispot vs Versadesk, this blog is for you. Continuing series of comparison famous furniture and standing desk brands such as Flexispot vs Varidesk and Flexispot vs Vivo, we conduct a review to compare Flexispot vs Versadesk. This review is based on main features of VersaDesk PowerPro vs Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB, and our thorough testing. Let’s take a look now!

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Adjustment

The first feature we want to analyze is adjustment feature. Transition from sit to stand position is one of the key functions that contribute to overall quality of a standing desk. Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB offers an easy Push Button Electric Adjustment, which help you start the transition process and stop at your preferred height by just a press. Moreover, Flexispot have the ability to adjusts up to 20 inches. By contrast, Versadesk just has an electric adjustment and adjusts up to 19.7 inches. 

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Adjustment

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Flexispot vs Versadesk: Desktop load

If you often place a lot of expensive and bulky equipments on your standing desk, desktop load is another factor you should take into account when purchasing a standing desk. While Versadesk offers 30”, 36” 40”, 48” width options to support any kind of people, Flexispot only comes in 36” width. However, Flexispot features a removable space-saving keyboard to make space for putting more items. This result is the same when we research and compare Flexispot vs IKEA.

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Warranty

Warranty is another important characteristic to consider when comparing the two standing desk brands. While Versadesk offers limited lifetime warranty, All standing desk converters purchased from Flexispot include a 3-year warranty for the frame, medium-fiber desktop and mechanisms, which ensure the quality and operation of its products. More impressively, you can buy Flexispot products at a reduced price by using Flexispot coupon code, explore now!

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Warranty

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Stability and weight capacity

Next, we want to mention their weight capacity. Versadesk supports up to 80 Lbs, whereas Flexispot offer weight capacity of only 55 Lbs, the standard number among top most popular flexispot standing desk converter. Furthermore, one of the biggest concerns when raising your desk above sitting height is the stability of the items on your work surface. You want to make sure that the items are safe and secure while you are adjusting your desk and using it at full standing height. Both desktop converters are extremely sturdy when at sitting height. 

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Stability and weight capacity

The FlexiSpot and Versadesk have two very different methods of raising which creates distinct lifting patterns. The FlexiSpot was designed to move straight up and down. The Versadesk moves in an arcing pattern.

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Price

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Price

With all innovative features and top-notch quality, Flexispot AlcoverRiser standing desk converter just comes in price at $299, much more affordable than $390 that the Versadesk charges to get an electric standing desk. More fortunately, you can get up to 20% off the order when buying Flexispot standing desk converter by using Flexispot coupon code.

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Delivery & Assembly

Both products ship within one business day and arrive via FedEx/UPS Ground a few business days later. The packaging is careful packed with all parts being protected very well on both converters. The Flexispot is fully assembled and ready to use out of the box, which save you a lot of time and effort of setting up this piece of furniture. The Versadesk will take a bit of assembly. Click 5 simple Flexispot standing desk workouts for office workers for more reference of workouts with standing desks.

Flexispot vs Versadesk: Table of summary

FactorFlexispot Versadesk
Desktop load
Stability and Weight capacityeven
Delivery and Assemblyx


We just take a deeper review of Flexispot vs Versadesk, hoping that you can make your decision on buying which standing desk converter. If we were you, we will definitely purchase a Flexispot standing desk to enjoy their ergonomic functions and innovative features. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to get a Flexispot standing desk at unbelievable price. 


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