It’s undeniable that detox vs cleanse are two of the hottest topics in the health community. Both help to recharge and rejuvenate the body through diet and lifestyle changes. Therefore, people often use detox vs cleanse as interchangeable terms to replace each other. However, while they both remove toxins from your body, there are key differences between detox vs cleanse that you should know before deciding to go with one of them. Want to know more about the difference of detox vs cleanse? Let’s start by understanding about toxins!

What Are Toxins?

Before pointing out the differences between cleanse and detox, you should get to know about toxins. 

Toxins are substances that pose a risk to the health we come into contact with every day. You can be aware of toxins or not because they exist in pesticides on your products, air pollutants or undetectable ingredients in processed foods, just a few types. In our modern life, toxins are everywhere around us and constantly attacking us without us even knowing it. The toxins in the air, in the food, in the cleaning products, they add up and affect in a toxic way on our bodies. By removing toxins through detox vs cleanse, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Improved energy.
  • Weight loss.
  • Relief from constipation.
  • Resolved headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.

Some signals of toxicity you should aware:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Food sensitivities or allergies
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and depressions
  • High blood
  • Constipation

What Is Detox?

Did you know that the liver and kidneys are the main detox centers of the body? They can help you eliminate harmful toxins like chemicals and heavy metals by converting these harmful toxins into waste and removing them from your body. Therefore, accurate detoxification is the process of providing the nutrients and supplements necessary for the liver and kidneys to function optimally. This is the key differentiation of detox vs cleanse.

Detoxification can only be achieved by strengthening the body in detoxifying the pathway through the kidneys and liver. Therefore, it is important to change the diet and lifestyle to accompany an additional protocol.

what is detox?

Detoxification helps your body increase its natural vitamin and mineral intake from fruit and vegetable juices or supplements from drinks.  Blueprint juice is one of the detox drinks blending a wide variety of organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.Check their Blueprint best sellers detox packs for your 3 day detox schedule.

Blueprint detox

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What is Cleanse?

Originally, the word “cleanse” means clean. You can simply think that a cleanse is a way of cleaning your body. Does Blueprintcleanse really work and how it affects your body? A cleansing schedule to reboot your health primarily focused on cleaning out the colon and digestive tract through the elimination of toxins, feces, parasites, and fungi. What you might not realize is that your body can naturally rid itself of toxins. Therefore, the cleansing is based on the significant dietary changes to enable your body to perform its self-elimination function. By eliminating harmful food groups, cleansing helps you stay healthier and build healthy diet habits. Besides, a combination of proper diet and regular exercise during the cleansing process will help you reboot to get the digestive system back on track.

Attention to everything entering your body during this cleansing process is extremely important. You need to eat the right foods and know what to avoid during this process. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to have 7 day cleanse instructions. You need to drink lots of water and consume nutritious pure whole foods while avoiding sugar, preservatives and processed foods. Do not use processed food because it is the enemy of cleansing.

Now, compare what you know about detox vs cleanse here

For all things you know about each type, let check out the differences between detox vs cleanse!

detox vs cleanse

Foods you can eat during detox vs cleanse


As mentioned above, during a cleanse, you will need to make diet changes. This means you will have to eliminate all food allergens, such as gluten, soy and dairy. You will also need to avoid processed foods, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. Instead, stick to organic, whole foods.


When you detox you will probably want to eliminate meat and definitely avoid processed foods. Instead, replace those foods with fresh vegetables and fruits. Here’re 11 foods and their benefits for your detoxing

  • Green tea: helps rid the body of free radicals
  • Garlic: detoxes the liver
  • Onions: detoxes the liver
  • Ginger: detoxes the liver and helps digestion
  • Lemon: detoxes the digestive tract
  • Apple: detoxes the liver
  • Grape Fruit: detoxes the liver and helps prevent kidney stones
  • Pineapple: clean the stomach
  • Kale: detoxes and flushes out the kidney
  • Asparagus: detoxes the liver
  • Beets: detoxes the liver and helps rid the body of free radicals

Many people choose to drink cleanse juices or detox juices instead of eating them for convenience. Actually, juices like Blueprint, they already consider the amount of vitamins and minerals in each juice for the best nutrition. Detailed and well-designed detox or cleanse schedule will be given to ensure the highest effectiveness of the cleanse or detox. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare foods for yourself in this period, let check out Blueprint cleanse juices, they are offering Blueprint cleanse promo code for customers.

To sum up, whatever you decide between detox vs cleanse, remember that your body is meant to detox itself. So, choosing the best Blueprint cleanse juice that provides the most nutrition while ensuring a balanced mix of substances to support your body the most is important. Get discounted prices for juices with Blueprint cleanse promo code.


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