If you find challenging to pick the standing desk converter fit your workstation, this article is for you. Continuing series of comparison and analysis of popular brands on standing desk market such as Flexispot vs Varidesk, Flexispot vs Autonomous, we wrote this article about comparison between FlexiSpot vs Eletab. By put side-by-side Eletab Standing Desk Converter 32“ ELTAD-01E and Flexispot standing Desk Converters M2B, we dig deeper to find out their main differences. Let’s explore right now!

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Sit-stand transition

Eletab creates affordable ergonomic solutions designed with creativity and quality to help transform your unique workspace! All you need to do is let Eletab standing desk converter sit on top of your current desk, you can sit or stand on demand. Eletab offers quick transition, you can go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion using the innovative simple touch height locking mechanism. It features electrically powered adjustment system to help you raising and lowering the standing desk easily and the hovering system to make the transition more smoothly.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Sit-stand transition

On the other hand, whether standing up or sitting down, you’ll find that every detail of the FlexiSpot standing desk converter M2B is designed to prevent slouching and help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct posture. This standing desk converter takes little effort to transition from sitting to standing. You just need to lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 13 lbs of force. In terms of lowering, it only requires just 3 lbs of force.

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FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Space saving

Eletab is space efficient as the top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which maximizes space while still providing room for dual monitors. Moreover, you can place keyboard and mouse side by side on the 11.8” x 31.3” lower deck. The lower deck is a removable Keyboard tray to provide more flexibility for consumers to select. You can simply use the allen wrench to remove the bolts which hold the keyboard tray to the frame.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Space saving

By contrast, FlexiSpot M2B has top surface of 35” x 22.3”, which provides larger space to put extra items compared to Eletab. It also offers an extra-wide removable keyboard tray of 34.4” x 12.8”  to have ample space for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and mousepad. At the same time, similar to other Top most popular flexispot standing desk converter, it also provides adequate room for healthy wrist positioning.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Assembly

Eletab standing desk converter just requires very minimal assembly out of the box. You can transform your workspace with no complicated instructions or tools, just place it on your current desk and you’re ready to work. In contrast, FlexiSpot M2B also offers simple one-step assembly. All you need is to simply place it on your desk or table, assemble the detachable keyboard, and you can enjoy the adjustable standing desk. Remember to use Flexispot coupon to get up to 20% off the order when buying FlexiSpot products.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Adjustment range

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Adjustment range

Eletab has the height adjustment range from 6.1” to 19.1” to match different types of people. On the flip side, FlexiSpot adjusts from 5.9” to 19.7”, which is wider range compared to Eletab. And it can fit most people’s height. If you place FlexiSpot M2B on a 28” high desk, it will accommodate users up to 6’1” tall. Otherwise, placing it on a 31” high desk will accommodate users up to 6’5” tall. In terms of adjustment range, FlexiSpot is also better compared to Jarvis, you can get reference in our blog about comparison between Flexispot vs Jarvis

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Price

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Price

EleTab Electric Standing Desk Converter 32″ ELTAD-01E costs you $219 while FlexiSpot standing desk converter M2B is more affordable at $199. It is really a surprise as it provides top-notch quality and ergonomic functions at this reasonable price. Fortunately, you can save even more at 20% off the price by using Flexispot coupon code.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Warranty

Eletab has got you covered because its sturdy, high-grade steel design is backed with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns. On the other hand, FlexiSpot includes a 3-year warranty for the frame, medium-fiber desktop and mechanisms. They also provide excellent customer consultancy and after-sale service to satisfy customers’ demands.

FlexiSpot vs Eletab: Table of Summary

Sit-stand transitionJust need to lightly squeeze the single hand bar and lift using only 13 lbs of forceFeatures electrically powered adjustment system
Space savingTop surface of 35” x 22.3”An extra-wide removable keyboard tray of 34.4” x 12.8”Top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”11.8” x 31.3” lower deck
Assembly Simple one-step assemblyRequires very minimal assembly out of the box
Adjustment range5.9” to 19.7”from 6.1” to 19.1”
WarrantyA 3-year warranty for the frame, medium-fiber desktop and mechanismsA 10-year manufacturer warranty


We just show you main different functions and features of FlexiSpot vs Eletab. Hoping that you can make up your mind to what satisfy your needs. You can get further information on comparison between Flexispot vs Vivo to have more choice. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon when purchasing FlexiSpot products and save up to $50.


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