Standing desks provide a safe alternative for positions that require lengthy sitting hours. Flexispot and Varidesk are two of the most popular companies providing standing desks on the market, but deciding which is better between Varidesk vs Flexispot is difficult because they both provide very different features. We’ve created a comprehensive comparison guide to these two standing desks to help you understand the differences between them. Let’s explore now!

General differences between Varidesk vs Flexispot 

We choose two typical products of two brands to compare in details, Flexispot Deskcise Pro Vs Varidesk Pro Plus. Here is the table summarizing the comparison based on some main characteristics of two standing desks. Let’s take a look.

Dimensions42.5”-48.4” (height) x 37.6 (length) x 22.8” (width)13.9 inches x 13.9 inches x 3.6 іnсhеѕ
Weight75 lbs.35 lbs.
NoiseNoiselessNo moving parts; quiet
Main functionExercise bike standing deskConventional standing desk add-on
Set-upMinimalNo set-up, ready out of the box
PriceCheaperQuite expensive
User-friendly ratingExcellentExcellent
DeskspaceOn the smaller side; designed only to accommodate a laptop with some inches of extra room left overIt can carry up to two monitors, plus mouse, textbooks, and other things, very compact, double tier design.
ColorBlack4 different colors available

Varidesk vs Flexispot: Similarity

Varidesk vs Flexispot: Similarity

We took two chairs into account and find out a couple of similarities between them. Overall, they are both high-quality products with interesting features. 

  • The price point is the same in content. Both Flexispot Deskcise Pro and Varidesk Pro Plus cost roughly $400. You can buy Flexispot Deskcise Pro with $30 off by using Flexispot coupon code. Click here!
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  • Simple set-up: Both Varidesk and Flexispot standing desks require minimal set-up or ready out of the box.
  • They ‘re both lightweight and quick to carry around with weight below 15 lbs. 
  • Each provides a warranty valid for quite a few years after purchase and offers excellent customer service.
  • Both are durable products due to high-quality materials, famous for their durability and top-quality functionality.

Varidesk vs Flexispot: Differences 

Features & Specifications

  • Flexispot Deskcise Pro isn’t your ordinary standing desk, it operates dually as an exercise bike and even looks like an exercise bike from distance (except it includes a desk space as well). It will most likely be attraction to customers who want to combine more intense workout throughout their working day.
  • Varidesk offers a more standard standing desk product than Flexispot as well as, in that case, it can be convenient and flexible for customers seeking to carry out their daily job tasks in a standing position. Varidesk can be moved more conveniently because it is just an add-on for a current desk whereas Flexispot Deskcise Pro is a standing design of its own.



flexispot performance

Like some other top desk bike of Flexispot, the Flexispot Deskcise Pro feels pretty much the same as cycling a conventional exercise bike, except that the seat is designed to sit on for extended periods. Pedal coverings can be used conveniently, either with shoes, socks, or bare feet. The resistance dial, which enables customers to modify the resistance between speeds from -1 through +8, is located on the bike frame. It also features an LCD screen to track data such as the timer, speed, distance, calories burned, odometer, and RPM.

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You might consider many tips to choose the best Flexispot desk bike, and this desk bike can satisfy almost all you need.  If the user does not desire to use the exercise bike at any time, they will simply be able to stand up and use the Flexispot Deskcise Pro as a standing desk. The desk-space offers wrist-rest space for safety and comfort, but the elbows do not have enough space to rest. The desk surface measures 23 “x 17” and is not an angle-built. There is a pair of levers located on the underside to adjust the desk height.


varidesk performance

Due to the negligible effort needed to use it and its robust performance, Varidesk Pro Plus is attracting bleating reviews. It could be used directly from the box and raised to the height requested by the users. The dual-tier system is designed to incorporate up to two upper-tier monitors or laptops and has plenty of room for a lower-tier keyboard, mouse, books, etc. 


We just show you the differences between Varidesk vs Flexispot. The whole purpose of having a standing desk is to fight the traditional seated 8-hour working day since standing provides a whole range of health benefits rather than sitting. Flexispot combines the standing option with the added benefit of a bicycling option. Whereas Varidesk provides just a standing option but a much bigger desk space. Don’t hesitate to buy Flexispot standing desk and save up to $50 by using Flexispot coupon code.


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