RELX is a game changer in the e-cigarette industry, offering innovative designs and technologies in one small package. Like many other e-cigarettes, RELX devices use a battery, which brings up the question: can they be charged? Fortunately for you, the answer is yes! To find out how, read through our e cigarettes instructions below, and don’t forget to use this Relxnow coupon to save on your purchases.

How can a RELX e-cigarette be charged? – E cigarettes instructions

To answer the question of whether RELX vape pens can be charged, we must understand their structures. A RELX pen is essentially an empty case that contains vape pods filled with e-liquid. A detailed list of parts include:

  • A mouthpiece: the area of the vape pen where you inhale the vapor that was generated inside
  • A heating coil: also known as the atomizer, the heating coil uses electricity to heat up e-liquid contained in the vape pod and turn it into vapor that feeds into the mouthpiece
  • A power supply: most vape pens are powered by battery. A power supply takes the electrical energy from batteries and transfers it to the heating coil. 
  • A vape pod: as mentioned, vape pods are pods that hold e-liquid – the liquid that turns into vapor as it is heated. E-liquids come in many flavors and strengths, and some even come nicotine-free. Like many others, RELX vape pods can be refilled, as demonstrated in our guide.

RELX vape pens contain all of the parts above, which are carefully engineered from the best and safest materials. To save on your RELX vape pen, use this Relxnow coupon code.

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E cigarettes instructions: can a RELX e-cigarette be charged?

Here’s your good news: RELX e-cigarettes CAN be charged!

As mentioned, the power supply for RELX vape pens comes from batteries, which can be charged through a micro-USB port. Most RELX pens use a soft lithium-ion battery that offers a relatively long battery life and fast charging.

How to charge your RELX e-cigarette – E cigarettes instructions

Charging your RELX vape pen is as simple as inserting your charging cable into the micro-USB port at the bottom of the pen and plugging it into any power source. An indicator light on the body of your RELX device should switch on as soon as you plug in and stay on until the battery is fully charged. A full charge only takes around 60 minutes.

How long does the RELX e-cigarette battery last?

Not even RELX’s official e cigarettes instructions can pinpoint the exact battery life for any RELX device. The short answer is: the more you use it, the faster it runs out. However, a single full charge can almost certainly last a heavy user a whole day, while lighter users can use their RELX e-cigarettes for 2-3 days in a row. 

RELX e-cigarette battery tips

RELX devices come with some high quality batteries. However, to maximize their capacity and lifetime, you should follow these tips from our e cigarettes instructions: 

  • Mind the temperature: extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures are dangerous for your battery and can cause much damage or even explode it. To avoid this, simply keep your RELX vape pen in a dry and cool environment (perhaps in a protective case, if possible) with temperatures ranging from 50 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Use a quality charger: it is best to stick to the standard charger that came with your RELX device, as third-party chargers may have a higher voltage than your battery, causing overheating. If you have damaged or lost your standard charger, reach out to RELX customer support for further advice. 
  • Buy a quality RELX: this last piece of advice is simple yet important. There are a lot of fake RELX devices floating around at lower prices than the real thing and offer inferior performance. To get the best out of your RELX vape pens, remember to only buy legitimate devices on the RELX website. And for reduced prices, simply use this Relxnow discount code.


Charging your RELX vape pen is 100% possible and also very simple, as shown in our e cigarettes instruction. With cutting-edge technologies and world-class design, RELX e-cigarettes are a great option for both vape beginners and enthusiasts. To get a discount on your RELX orders, remember to use this Relxnow promo code.


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