Home decoration brings with it a range of different objects for decoration. Benches, chairs, tables, statues, trinkets, paintings, all have the potential to become beautifying objects for your living spaces. But have you ever thought of using a wooden wall map as decoration? Well, if you have, the folks at Enjoy The Wood have you covered with their exquisite wooden wall map product line. Enjoy The Wood’s careful attention to detail puts their products a cut above the rest, but it also makes it very meticulous to put their maps together. Today, let us take a look at some instructions for Enjoy The Wood map installation. To get these maps for less, check out this Enjoy The Wood coupon!

Enjoy The Wood map installation – Step-by-step

Enjoy The Wood map installation might seem like a daunting process at first. However, with each wooden world map that Enjoy The Wood ships there is an installation manual, and at the back of every piece there is high quality two-sided tape to help you with sticking on to your walls. Save yourself a free afternoon, and you can pretty much install these Enjoy The Wood wooden maps with ease following the steps below.

Step 1

Find a suitable wall area for your Enjoy The Wood map installation. You should measure the wall dimensions beforehand to make sure you can fit the map onto it. You should also mark out the exact area the map will go on to make sure your installation does not go off-track. 

Step 2

After marking out your installation area, proceed to unbox the map to get a general look at it and plan out the order in which you will install the map. For simplicity, we recommend installing the map from left to right, so as to make it easier to nail the relative distance between pieces. The map actually comes already laid out in its complete form, so this step should be easy enough.

Step 3

Once you have got a clear plan in your mind, go for it! Simply pick up individual pieces from your box and start your Enjoy The Wood map installation. Every piece has two-sided tape on the back of it, so you can simply stick it on your wall by peeling the tap to reveal the adhesive layer. Be very careful when sticking pieces on and make sure you are sticking them in the correct place/order/relative distance. You can take photos to use as references before installing so you know what you’re doing.

And… that’s about it! As you can see, there’s not a lot to Enjoy The Wood map installation, and all you need is care and patience. To get a wooden map for less, try this Enjoy The Wood coupon code!

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After finishing with the map, the only step left is to put on different pins/trinkets if you’ve ordered them. To learn more about these details, check out our article on the Enjoy The Wood 3D map. Other than that, you’re good to go. Congratulations! 

Enjoy The Wood map installation – Tips for success

While carrying out an Enjoy The Wood map installation should be no biggie, there are some tips that would make your life so much easier!

  • Tip 1: Have patience! While this does not sound very much like a tip, patience is truly key to completing a good map installation. If you’re frustrated at how long it takes to put things together, maybe consider a break half-way through to recharge your enthusiasm. Keep it going!
  • Tip 2: Use references! Reference images are sometimes life-savers when it comes to nailing to small details on a map. Since an Enjoy The Wood map comes boxed in its completed form, you can take as many reference photos as needed to use for later. Remember to do this before every installation!
  • Tip 3: Have fun with your family/friends! While installing an Enjoy The Wood map alone might be a tiresome experience, sharing it with friends and family makes it a fun exercise! This is especially true if you’ve got kids, who will undoubtedly wow at the sheer size and detail of the map. After all, every map is essentially a very large-scale and detailed puzzle!


So that’s all we have on the Enjoy The Wood map installation instructions. Let us know if this article has been helpful to you and whether you have installed a map for your own home. If you’re planning to do so, read some Enjoy The Wood map reviews, or try out this Enjoy The Wood coupon for decent savings!


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