When it comes to wooden home furnishing, the options are virtually endless. You might be thinking of wooden statues, paintings, or even wooden clocks. But have you ever heard of wooden wall maps? If not, check out Enjoy The Wood – a wooden handicraft brand that offers anything from wooden maps for your living room walls to recipe books for your kitchen stalls. Being individually handcrafted by a team of experts, these products are not only unique but also come in supreme quality. A downside of this is, of course, the relatively high prices of Enjoy The Wood products. So how can you maximize savings on their products? Well, check out this Enjoy The Wood sale that is going on right now, as well as other ways to save such as this Enjoy The Wood coupon code!

Enjoy The Wood sale – Hurry up and don’t miss it!

So what’s this Enjoy The Wood sale all about? Well, currently at the time of writing, Enjoy The Wood is running a sale program of up to 50% off for selected items in their catalogue. The sale is expected to end in close to 9 hours, so you better be quick to grab it!

But before jumping to their website to make use of this Enjoy The Wood sale, let us take a look at how much it can actually help you save.

Enjoy The Wood sale for wooden maps

Enjoy The Wood wooden maps are undoubtedly their most popular product line, and with the most variety. These are also among their most pricey products, and come in 3 different types – 2D, 3D, and 3D LED-lit maps. While the prices of these products could easily shoot up to hundreds of dollars, the Enjoy The Wood sales has effectively halved the expenses needed to get your home one. Sweet!

Enjoy The Wood sale

Enjoy The Wood sale for recipe books

Enjoy The Wood recipe books are also among their more popular product lines. These recipe books come in all sorts of styles, colors, and materials for your choice. What’s more, they even feature customizable cover images/engravings to let you add a personal touch. While the saving percentage you get for these products are not quite 50%, it’s still a lot to save thanks to this Enjoy The Wood sale!

Enjoy The Wood sale

So what are you waiting for? Why not grab yourself some exquisite home decor during these difficult COVID-19 times with amazing sale! Remember, all you need to do is click on this Enjoy The Wood discount code and explore our saving options.

Extra EnjoyTheWood discount November 2020

Other ways to save on Enjoy The Wood products!

If you currently can’t afford to make use of this Enjoy The Wood sale yet, or perhaps have missed the sale, there are definitely more ways to save! Take a look below.

Using an Enjoy The Wood coupon

As mentioned in our article on the best Enjoy The Wood coupons, coupons offer the best and most assured savings! This is because coupons offer guaranteed discounts with very little steps in between, meaning you can save more with less time!

Making use of Enjoy The Wood’s subscription

Enjoy The Wood also frequently sends out small gifts or discounts through their subscription program. Simply input your email on Enjoy The Wood’s website and you’re now subscribed. The downside of this is, of course, you have to give your personal email. Additionally, some savings through subscriptions might not be as generous as coupons.


So that’s all we have for this Enjoy The Wood sale. If you’re reading this, be quick not to miss out on their generous discounts! And to save in the long run, definitely try out this Enjoy The Wood promo code!


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