Are you considering purchasing casters for your Flexispot desk? It may be a perfect measure to turn stationary Flexispot desk into mobile one, which makes it more flexible and versatile. After installing caster, you can roll the desks to a new location. As specifications and features of casters vary depending on brands and individual needs, you should consider the following factors for choosing casters for your Flexispot desk.

1. Consider the working environment 

working environment

Each type of working environment requires different levels of flexibility and mobility of desks. For example, when you’re working in a warehouse and conference rooms, you need to change equipment or transfer to another room frequently. At these circumstances, Flexispot desks with casters can provide quick and easy transformation for optimal space sharing.

Movable desks are perfect for designers wanting to move their desks to change the working environment and seek for inspiration. Teachers often need an extra desk that is easily moved for guests, speakers visiting the class.

So, you should evaluate your current working situation first to decide to add casters for your desks or not. If your working environment requires flexibility, then you should buy those casters. However, if you’re already in your workstation where you can concentrate and accomplish your tasks, the Flexispot desk itself is already good enough.

If you decide to get one, all you need to do is to proceed to Flexispot website and order the  Standing Desk Casters W1. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code to get 20% off the order.

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2. Determine the Load capacity of caster for Flexispot desk

Load capacity of caster for Flexispot desks

Load capacity refers to the maximum weight a caster can support. You often place a couple of expensive equipments on your Flexispot desk, so you should consider weight capacity of caster when you decide to add a caster . Make sure the caster’s capacity matches the equipment load to move it around without the hassle of tipping over to the ground. Keep in mind that when used on object exceeding the caster’s load capacity, the housing of the caster may collapse or break. Most caster used for Top most popular Flexispot desk 2020 have a load capacity of just 150 to 200 pounds. If you’re going to mount casters on a 200-pound object, they should have a load capacity of at least 200 pounds or preferably more.

3. Check for the Caster Size for Flexispot desk

Caster Size for Flexispot desks

Another important factor you should consider is the caster size. The size of the caster is very crucial to make the best Flexispot desk for home office works.  There are three main size of caster:

  • A mini-caster has a wheel that is 1-3/8 inches in diameter
  • A medium-sized caster whose wheel is about two inches in diameter
  • A large caster about three inches in diameter

It is highly recommended to add the smaller casters for a desk having standard foot, since they add between 1-3/8 inches and two inches of desk height. Moreover, smaller casters are better for stability. However, smaller casters don’t move easily over door thresholds or other obstacles compared to larger casters. If you’re working in a workplace surrounded with cracked or bumpy floors, smaller casters would be extremely difficult to move around because it gets stuck easily. Furthermore, larger casters will make your load capacity higher and raise its center of gravity. 

You can use Flexispot coupon code to save up to $50 when buying caster with suitable size for your desk.

4. Choose Easy Rolling Caster for Flexispot desk

Easy Rolling Caster for Flexispot desks

You should choose casters that features a 360-degree rotation, lock in place, and made from top-notch materials to ensure their quality and convenience. Fortunately, we’ve made the research easier for you as we introduce you the Standing Desk Casters W1 from Flexispot. These standard casters work well with all FlexiSpot Desk models and two of casters lock to keep the desk in place. It comes in four casters and has a diameter of 1.97″.

5. Check the compatibility between Caster wheel material and Flexispot desk

compatibility between Caster wheel material and Flexispot desks

You should also consider the wheel material to avoid any failure of caster. The wheels are often made of different types of material such as cast iron, rubber, nylon, aluminum, polyolefin and polyurethane. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and concerns to produce high-quality caster wheels. At the same time, desks are available in several different materials, some of which include anodized aluminum alloy, zinc-plated steel, oil-coated steel and traditional stainless steel. So you should ask the technicians carefully before choosing caster for Flexispot desks. Fortunately, you will not worry about wheel material if you order  Standing Desk Casters W1 from Flexispot because it is compatible with all Flexispot desks. You can also use Flexispot coupon code and save up to $50 when checking out. 


Getting casters for your desk may look simple but by adding them, you add a layer of complexity to your desk’s ergonomic function and stability. So please take note these factors to consider when seeking to add casters to a Flexispot desk. Don’t forget to use Flexispot coupon code when buying caster to both save your money and make a smooth transition for your desk.


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