You have just bought a vape kit and still wonder what eliquid is good to use? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Flawless Game over is one of the most popular vape juice for vape lovers. Take a look at Flawless Game over review below to get more information.

Flawless Game over: Fantastic flavor – Review from Flawless vape shop customers

Originated from Flawless vape shop, it is obviously the one that a lot of customers love to. Flawless Game Over ejuice is the return of its signature flavor GAME OVER! This vape juice with rich and creamy cereal Milkshake, is delicious till the last drop. This flavor offers a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of the ordinary milk in the bowl! It can be said that Game Over Ejuice by Flawless presents a delightful twist on the fruit loop cereal. It’s game over for your mediocre clouds!

Flawless Game over: Review from Flawless vape shop customers

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Flawless Game over: Review from

Customers from also like this flavor and left a lot of positive feedback about it. See the details below. 

A customer from California admired this bumping flavor. When you’re playing Russian Roulette with all of the vape flavors out there, you want one flavor that can shut all the rest down. Game Over by Flawless slams down the Royal Flush of vape poker when it comes to innovative flavors and complex eliquid concoctions. Instead of mashing together an ordinary looped cereal blend, Flawless added a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream to the freshly poured bowl of fruit looped cereal. You’ll be asking yourself, “Why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?” Indulge in the fresh and creaminess of the melting vanilla ice cream as it brings more rich flavor to the ordinary bowl of cereal.

Flawless Game over: Review from

On the other hand, another vape lover expresses his feelings after trying this Flawless Game Over flavor. Sweet loops of fruity cereal defy any toucan to come and steal them away as his own. Never mind Saturday morning cartoons nostalgia, this flavor brings in a madhouse of flavor that will have your vape taste buds instantly pitying any other fruit looped cereal favorites you had before. Treat your vape palate to a wonderful blend of sweet and crunchy fruit looped cereal, freshly poured from the cereal box and into a waiting bowl. Cast away that boring gallon of milk and swap it for a tub of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream! 

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Flawless Game over: Review from

Like a bowl of fruity cereal minus the milk but instead given scoops of ice cream, Flawless Game over flavor impresses anyone who tries it for the first time. Let that sink in and melt and imagine the flavor explosion such a marriage would produce. An award-winning e juice from a stalwart of the vape industry. It truly is Game Over. See Top 3 best RELX pod flavors to get more reference of the best flavors for your pods.

Flawless Game over: Review from

A customer from Ohio commented that it’s just like putting a bowl full of fruit loops in your mouth. It’s also got this really good rich flavor to it.

Another said that it has great transactions. Highly recommend it to everyone!! It is his go to Vape store now!!

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Flawless Game over: Review from

Customers from Directvapor also expressed their satisfaction for Flawless Game over flavor. If you’ve grown tired of cereal and milk e-liquids, try a scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in cereal with Game Over by Flawless. Taking a classic and adding a cool twist, Game Over offers a delicious alternative to the classic dessert vape favorite. A deep scoop of vanilla ice cream appears upon the inhale with rich flavor notes found throughout. A flavorful dairy dream is met with a generous serving of fruity cereal upon the exhale creating a sincerely sweet note. 

Flawless Game over: Review from

A boy from Seattle said that it smells like a warm blueberry pie. The instant your inhale is over the berry, almost a tropical mix takes over. Excellent juice. He will be getting another real soon.

Another guy from New York reviewed that Game is OVER, this flavor is awesome. Love the double experience with the two flavors, he really does get a big whiff of vanilla at first and it fades into cereal at the exhale. He has no clue how they create a flavor that comes in waves like that, but it is crazy delicious. Amazing flavor!

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We just showed you a list of reviews for Flawless Game over flavor, hoping that you can get to know better about this vape juice and decide to buy one for yourself. Don’t forget to use Flawless vape shop coupon to save up to 20% your orders at Flawless vape shop


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