You have a vape but can’t find a tasting and high-quality flavor for vape juice? Try this Flawless hot mess and you may be amazed by its flavor. We also consolidated a list of reviews for Flawless hot mess from different vape websites. Let’s explore now!

Flawless hot mess: Review from

Flawless vape shop is a famous vape website to provide all vape items you need with reasonable prices and high quality products. And Flawless hot mess is not an exception. Flawless OG is pleased to announce the return of a staple flavor in the vape industry. Hot Mess, Warm fresh baked churros covered in sweet vanilla bean ice cream. Flawless hot mess is one of the most favorite flavors of eliquid that customers reviews on Flawless vape shop website. Churros dipped into a soft ice cream flavor that provides a rich creamy, cinnamon, and sweet vape experience unlike any Churro flavor you’ve ever enjoyed. Many customers love it for the first try and buy it again many times. 

Flawless hot mess: Review from

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Flawless hot mess: Review from

Another vape website to review Flawless hot mess is Breazy. Flawless hot mess with primary Flavors are Ice Cream, Churro, Cinnamon. All the flavors are good to taste and remain the refreshing feeling that impress anyone who try them. A customer from Florida commented that it’s got a nice taste, so it’s easy to vape on it all day. It’s a dessert flavor that’s not overbearingly sweet. He has bought this product in the past, and will continue to buy it, it’s really good.

Flawless hot mess: Review from

Another guy from Nevada said that he is on his second bottle of this hot mess. Really good take on cinnamon and cream. This company does really well at blending their flavors. Not too overwhelming or bland.

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Flawless hot mess: Review from

As Flawless hot mess is really worth trying, a lot of customers recommend it to their friends and family. Many of them also receive positive reviews about the flavor of Flawless hot mess. A boy from Atlanta said that he wouldn’t go so far as to call this juice a cinnamon “churro” but he will say it’s quite delicious. Right off the bat, the juice smells like straight up vanilla ice cream. It’s honestly hard to smell any cinnamon in the juice itself. The vaping experience on the other hand is quite different from the initial smell. You get a nice warm cinnamon sugar inhale with a slight throat hit and some vanilla undertones and the exhale is where the vanilla really pops and the flavors mingle together. All in all the vanilla and cinnamon sugar go really well together even without that cakey taste.

Flawless hot mess: Review from

This juice is good, he would definitely buy it again, but it’s relegated to a secondary tank instead of being used as my ADV as he found that the cinnamon kind of tickles your throat a little too much over time. All in all he would definitely recommend trying it out.

Moreover, a man from Wiscosin told us that back in late 2014 he went wild looking for a nice horchata vape. He found a good one but when Vaping Rabbit came out with Churrios he was curious. His favorite online shop was always sold out, but then they started carrying Hot Mess and it sounded pretty similar for much cheaper per ml. He had low expectations for something even cheaper than house juice but when it came in I was floored. Sweet, creamy and cinnamony like the horchata I loved but with all that cranked up to 11. As far as steep time goes, it’s great right out of the box, but a week of steeping really brings it all together.

Another customer from Orlando, Florida said that cinnamon is strong but it’s a good smooth cinnamon. There’s no sharp spice to it and it’s not a hot or fizzy cola taste either. just a good bakery cinnamon. The doughy part is a little sharp tasting though. He knows it’s not the cinnamon that’s doing it. its something else and he is assuming its the dough because lots of doughy flavors have this problem

good one nonetheless. It seems it’s hard to make a good churro flavor but this one comes close enough. Flawless hot mess still makes the best one.

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We just showed you a list of reviews for Flawless hot mess, hoping that you can decide to buy this tasting and excellent e liquid. Don’t forget to use Flawless vape coupon to save up to 15% your order when buying vape items at Flawless vape shop.


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