Flawless vape shop is a famous premium vaping shop & Vape Gear online store. It provides a wide range of products from eliquid, vape juice to pods, mods and starter kits for those who use love vapes. Flawless vape juice Aftermath is one of the popular products for its customers. Let’s see the Flawless ejuice Aftermath review below!

Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Excellent flavor

Flawless vape juice Aftermath brings back the bangers! Aftermath being one of the top sellers in the OG Flawless line. Munch on a soft moist blueberry donut filled with blueberry compote, complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with crunchy berry crisps.

Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Excellent flavor - Review from Breazy.com

In regards to its flavor, Aftermath – Flawless E Liquid: Aftermath goes for all the marbles with its combination of donut, ice cream, blueberry, and cereal flavorings. As far as we know, each of those flavors singularly would make for an excellent vape treat, but combined they’re one heck of an insane flavor bomb! The way these complimentary flavor profiles hit the spot makes Aftermath one of the tastiest eliquids you’ll find.

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Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Perfect recipe

Flawless vape juice Aftermath is one of the most favorite vape juices in Flawless vape shop website. Imagine making a doughnut out of blueberry pancake batter. After the doughnut comes out of the fryer, top it with a sweet blueberry glaze. Does that sound good? It has not been the end. Serve the doughnut with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkle fruity cereal on top. You’ll never find a more over-the-top e-liquid than Aftermath by Flawless E-Liquid!

Briefly, Aftermath Ejuice by Flawless lets you feast on the decadent sweetness of this dessert eliquid and bask in the aftermath of the clouds you’ll be destroying! Take a look at Top 3 best RELX pod flavors to know more amazing flavors for your vapes.

Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Perfect recipe - Review from Flawless vape shop customers

You will need to prepare to meet a rush of flavor more vicious than a tornado, more blustery than a hurricane, and certainly packs a powerful wave of flavor like that of a tsunami! The whole dessert gets smothered with a creamy blueberry icing, sweet and sugary. As if your taste buds weren’t watering already, it gets even better.

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Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Review from Ejuice.deals

Next is another positive feedback from Ejuice.deals about Flawless vape juice Aftermath. As Aftermath vape juice is combined by a luscious treat and a scoop of just-churned old fashioned vanilla ice cream. And it has triple churned for days to hit that sweet spot of cold, creamy, and wonderfully thick. The ice cream was crafted with imported vanilla from the island of Madagascar, sweet cream from a farm down the street, and pure cane sugar from Cuba. Blueberry donut and triple churned vanilla ice cream might be enough to fill one eliquid, but Flawless goes one step further! This cold creamy delight has freeze-dried berries sprinkled on top, for a subtle fruity kiss! Shelter yourself from the storm of flavor and puff on the sweet aftermath that this 120 mL flavor presents in fruity, creamy, and doughy clouds!

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Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Review from Juicedb.com

Finally, we want to mention 2 more reviews of customers about Flawless vape juice Aftermath at Juicedb.com.

A customer said that he had this one for a few days and he had been impressed. It was just his taste buds trying to figure out what flavor combinations were in this juice. It’s very different from the other blueberry donut juices he has had. It’s a unique doughy flavor, but after a bit it hit him that it’s a donut dough that he had tasted before – but not in juice form. Most donut juices he had go hard on the glaze and then have small bakery notes to back it up – this is the opposite, the donut is front and center. It’s similar to a dry blueberry donut he has had down at his local shop, which is pretty accurate. The blueberry flavor is a bit light, but present and there is a small amount of sugary glaze taste throughout. 

Flawless vape juice Aftermath: Review from Juicedb.com

Another customer from Florida commented that this is one of his favorite blueberry juices on the market. The inhale is a nice fresh blueberry with a nice rich cereal exhale. If you have ever had Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheat cereal, that is exactly what the Aftermath tastes like. It’s by far the best juice he had ever used in an RDA. It is not so much in a tank as he feels like it mutes the blueberry. Surprisingly smooth for a cereal flavor.

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