Vaping Safer! Flawless has brought the old school back and made it New! If you thought the v2 was a hard hitter, just wait until you’ve tried the v3! Take a look at our review of Flawless vape Tugboat v3 below to have a better understanding of this mod. Explore now!

Flawless vape Tugboat: Overall review

Flawless vape Tugboat v3 is available in multiple color options. With copper positive and negative pin, you can be guaranteed of high-quality products. Whether you have used the first and second version of the Tugboat RDA or not, you will love the added features on the third version. Again, if you are one who appreciates this atomizer you will be satisfied to know that the third version is constructed with the intention to improve your flavor. 

Flawless vape Tugboat: Overall review

This Flawless vape Tugboat is designed and manufactured in the USA. The standard of manufacturing in America is quite high. Therefore, you can get your peace of mind of knowing the working conditions of workers manufacturing your products. The Flawless Vape Shop is becoming the synonym for great products when it comes to the Vaping industry.

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Flawless vape Tugboat: Pros

Improved Airflow

One of the improvements you will notice in the new Flawless vape Tugboat V3 is better airflow. This is one of the reasons that make this product one of the best in its class.

The 3 Post Design

The three post design ensures that this atomizer is able to accept both the single and dual coil structures. This feature is available in the second version but it is even better when it comes to version v3 Flawless vape Tugboat. The drip well is also quite large in case you have plans to over drip.

Flawless vape Tugboat: Pros

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Adjustable Airflow Control

Many customers like the adjustable airflow feature that is equipped with large holes.

Flawless vape Tugboat: Cons

Unattractive Logos

Someone seems to be selling the ludicrous logos that are all over this atomizer such as the American flag as if they were something good. However, some customers don’t really like them. It is not as if the atomizer belongs to the government of America or something like that. 

Flawless vape Tugboat: Cons


Although some people say that you pay for what you get. However, some vapers still think that this atomizer is quite expensive. 

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We just showed you the review of Flawless vape Tugboat v3, hoping that you can make up your mind to buy this mod for yourself. Don’t forget to use Flawless vape coupon to save up to 15% your purchases at Flawless vape shop.

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