Hyloft and Fleximounts are the two brands providing high-quality wall shelves on the market. Some of you may find it hard to choose between them. Don’t worry, we created a side-by-side comparison between Fleximounts vs Hyloft for you to pick a suitable. Let’s see all below.

We chose WR24B 2-pack 2X4FT wall mounted shelf of Fleximounts and Hyloft 00630 45-Inch by 15-Inch Garage Wall Shelf Storage to dig deeper. Check below!

Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Installation

Before choosing a garage storage, you need to know how easy its installation is. . Fleximounts wall shelves come with an easy one-person installation with all hardware included. Moreover, they have an installation Template that helps mount holes. Fleximounts wall shelves feature integrated grid design for easier assembly. 75% is pre-assembled so it is easy to install. 

Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Installation for Fleximounts

By contrast, Hyloft has easy step-by-step instructions and a full template to help you assemble at home. There is also necessary hardware to assist you in installing at home by yourself. You can install them side by side, or stacked – multiple units connect to maximize storage

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Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Compatibility 

The next factor to take into account is compatibility. Fleximounts are suitable for securing to either wall studs or solid concrete walls. These Fleximounts wall shelves can be combined with Fleximounts hooks to utilize and take full advantage of your space. You can check 3 best Fleximounts hooks for your home storage to get more information about Fleximounts hooks.

By contrast, Hyloft can be used in a garage, mudroom or laundry room – mounts to studs in finished or unfinished walls. They are compatible with all HyLoft accessories.

Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Design

The most innovative feature of Fleximounts wall shelf storage is its design. They feature Bubble Level which helps get a perfect horizontal location. Moreover, Fleximounts wall shelves are more sturdy and stable because the buckle design with velcros prevents the brackets from falling or bending.

Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Design

In contrast, Hyloft has all steel construction with scratch-resistant white powder coat finish. In addition, it features patented and low-profile brackets to increase storage area. Therefore, this wall storage unit makes the most of that unused wall space in the garage, closet, basement, laundry room, shed and more.

It can be said that the Fleximounts vs Hyloft is equal in their design. 

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Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Weight capacity

The final factor we want to compare between Fleximounts vs Hyloft is weight capacity. Fleximounts come in heavy gauge steel construction providing safety loading up to 400lbs total. There is lots of space on the storage for large boxes, seasonal items, sports gear and other such things. 

Fleximounts vs Hyloft: Weight capacity

You can check other excellent wall shelf from Fleximounts by reading our blog of the 4 best Fleximounts wall shelf for home 2020.

On the other hand, Hyloft wall shelves have a weight capacity of 150 lb each shelf. It is lower than Fleximounts. You can store anything from seasonal items, boxes to sporty essentials, it can hold a huge amount of them.

To conclude, Fleximounts is the winner in terms of weight capacity. 


We just showed you a side-by-side comparison between Fleximounts vs Hyloft, hoping that you can decide to choose an appropriate one for your home. Don’t forget to use Fleximounts coupon to save up to 20% your order when buying Fleximounts products.


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