Happsy is an online bedding and sleep accessory brand that was built in 2017. Should you go with an eco-friendly bed or an affordable one? With Happsy, you don’t need to choose. They’ve found a way to bring eco-friendly and organic materials to you for a lower than average price range. Let’s take a look at Happsy mattress reviews below.

Happsy mattress reviews: Overview

With a model that focuses on a comfortable and chemical-free experience, Happsy mattress is certainly unique in the world of innerspring mattresses. Happsy is an extremely eco-friendly hybrid bed with a surprising amount of comfort features for its price range. It’s a great option for those who like latex and innerspring beds.

Happsy mattress reviews: Overview

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Happsy mattress reviews: Construction

The soft, organic cotton cover is quilted to a quarter-inch layer of organic wool on the top and cotton batting on the sides. The wool acts as an all-natural flame retardant that also wicks away moisture and helps keep the body feeling cool and fresh. You can remove the cover, which is convenient for spot cleaning.

The bed is made of two different layers and stands 10 inches tall.

  • The first layer is a 2-inch layer of certified organic Dunlop latex sourced from India or Sri Lanka. The naturally breathable material is aerated for additional temperature regulation, and the quick-responding material conforms to your shape to relieve pressure while providing a surface-level bounce..
  • The second layer is an 8-inch pocketed-coil system that gives the bed its structure and shape. These coils support the sleeper’s spinal alignment while helping to reduce motion transfer and heat retention. Reinforced coils around the edges help to better secure your weight when sitting or lying on the sides.
Happsy mattress reviews: Construction

Happsy mattress reviews: Mattress performance

Pressure relief: 

The average sleeper should feel the individually wrapped coils support your curves while the layer of latex relieves your pressure points. The aerated latex should be springy and responsive for easy repositioning while gently cradling pressure points, especially for back and stomach sleepers.

Combined with the pocketed coil system, the bed is meant to relieve pressure where you need it without losing support. Those who want a little extra comfort might want to opt for the additional pillow-top cover. This should give you a few extra inches of pressure relief, though the softness of the bed should be adequate for most sleepers without the topper.

Happsy mattress reviews: Mattress performance

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Temperature control

Temperature control is a major strength of the Happsy due to its various material components. Latex generally absorbs less body heat and sleeps cooler than memory foam or polyfoam, especially when ventilated with small holes to promote added airflow near the surface of the mattress. The organic latex found in the Happsy sleeps exceptionally cool even by these standards. If you tend to sleep hot on mattresses that retain and trap body heat, then the Happsy will probably feel much more comfortable by comparison.

The coils also regulate the bed’s temperature by promoting steady airflow throughout the interior of the mattress. Another cooling feature is the cover, which is made from breathable organic cotton. You may sleep a bit warmer if you use the latex topper, however. The softer feel creates a bit more sinkage, which in turn can restrict surface airflow and make you feel excessively hot.

Edge support

Mattresses with thick coil systems tend to outperform other models in the edge support category, and the Happsy is no exception. The support core is constructed with 8-inch coils made of tempered-steel, a highly durable material that provides exceptional stability. You may notice some slight sinkage when sitting on the edges, but you’ll also feel some pushback from the coils and shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in and out of bed. The medium firm feel of the bed’s latex layer also prevents the perimeter from sagging too much.

Happsy Mattress Review: Edge support

Happsy mattress reviews: Prices and Sizing

In a queen size, the Happsy costs $1,399 as a standalone mattress. Add the optional latex topper for a softer feel, and you’ll pay $1,798 for the same size. The cost of the topper in addition to the mattress fluctuates by size.

The Happsy is very affordable compared to other latex hybrids, which on average cost between $1,600 and $2,200. Ground shipping is also free for orders within the contiguous U.S., though you’ll pay an additional $300 for delivery if you reside in Alaska or Hawaii. Returns are free, as well, and Happsy will send couriers to pick up the mattress at your residence.

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We just showed you detailed Happsy mattress reviews, hoping that you can choose an organic mattress for your healthy sleep. Don’t forget to use Happsy coupon code to save up to 30% of your orders at Happsy. Click here!

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