Happsy is a bed-in-a-box retailer which has emerged on the scene with the goal of providing its customers with a healthier sleep. Do you know what their bestsellers are? Check out Happsy organic mattress reviews here to know its green and high-quality mattress.

Happsy organic mattress reviews: Overall

Happsy organic mattress is a green mattress outfitted with wool batting, organic cotton and all-natural latex. This mattress is designed to give you a great night’s sleep, combining healthy mattress design with a commitment to quality and the environment. The Happsy organic mattress offers a comfortable medium firm support with natural and organic materials and is certified organic and non-toxic to ensure a healthier night’s sleep. 

Happsy organic mattress reviews: Overall

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Happsy organic mattress reviews: Detailed information

Construction of Happsy organic mattress

The Happsy organic mattress has a hybrid design of cotton fill, latex foam and spring coils, measuring up to a total 10” of comfort. Like other hybrid constructions, this produces a sleeping experience that is pressure-relieving and supportive. The use of latex and pocketed coils also helps to prevent the structure from overheating.

Happsy organic mattress reviews: Construction

Moreover, as the mattress is made with GOTS certified organic cotton and wool and GOLS certified organic latex, this natural mattress is a great option for those with chemical sensitivities. Below is details of what’s inside:

  • Cover Layer: The cover layer is organic cotton with organic wool batting sewn in. It helps maintain things naturally cool and moisture wicking. Happsy also offers an optional 2” organic latex topper with an organic cotton cover for sleepers who desire a pillow-top fill.
  • Comfort Layer: 2” of organic latex contours to your body while providing relief for pressure points.
  • Support Layer: 8” of high carbon-content upcycled steel pocket springs, with firmer coils around the perimeter of the mattress for edge support. 

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The next factor to mention in Happsy organic mattress reviews is its firmness. Our testers tried the mattress ourselves and we landed on an average firmness rating of 6 for the Happsy. 

Happsy organic mattress reviews: Firmness

If you try the Happsy organic mattress, you will feel it’s pretty good firmness. While you’ll sink into the top latex layer for some pressure relief, the lift of this material combined with the bounce of the pocketed coils will likely keep you positioned on top of the bed. Overall, this produces a nice balanced feel.

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Pressure level

Next in the Happsy organic mattress reviews is pressure level. Here are the results when our testers test for pressure level.

Back – Lying on our back, we felt as though our weights were pretty evenly distributed across the surface. The latex comfort layer did a good job of keeping the spine in a nice alignment, which alleviated pressure in shoulders and lower back. Since we were mainly interacting with the top section of buoyant latex, we found it easy to move around and change positions.

Happsy organic mattress reviews: pressure level

Side – Rolling onto our side, we were extra conscious about the formation of pressure points at the shoulders and hips, typical problem areas for side sleepers. Though this bed doesn’t produce a lot of contouring, we still felt some nice relief and comfort in this position. 

Stomach – We did detect a bit of pressure at my chest and hips in this position. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer beds as they prop up those problem areas on top of the structure thereby creating an even spinal alignment.

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Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief is as well an important factor in Happsy organic mattress reviews. This Happsy organic mattress provides a good amount of spine support for average sized stomach and back sleepers. Therefore, if you want more support, you might opt for the organic latex mattress topper add-on for additional support.

Happsy organic mattress reviews: back pain relief

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The last thing we want to say in Happsy organic mattress reviews is its cooling ability. The naturally moisture-wicking and heat regulating wool batting in the cover as well as the pocket springs help to create a breathable hybrid mattress that is great to keep the mattress cool. However, those who sleep very warm might still experience heat retention.

Happsy organic mattress reviews


We just show you Happsy organic mattress reviews, hoping that you will have a better understanding about this mattress. Grab the Happsy coupon code here to purchase this green mattress at 20% off the price.


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