Want to buy a suitable mattress for your home but a lot of brands on the market confuse you? Don’t worry, with this article, we bring you a detailed comparison between the two most famous brands in this field, Happsy vs Avocado. Let’s take a look at their comparison below!

Happsy vs Avocado: Overview

We compared these two mattress models which are Avocado Green Mattress vs Happsy Mattress to help you decide which is right for you. These mattresses have their distinct differences and similarities. This guide will help walk you through their construction, comfort feel, what we liked and what we didn’t like about each bed.

Happsy vs Avocado: Quick Comparison

Avocado Green MattressHybrid Mattress$1,399 – $1,799Free100 days25 years
Happsy MattressHybrid Mattress$1,399Free120 days10 years

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Happsy vs Avocado: Construction

Avocado Green Mattress Construction

All Avocado Green mattresses are made to order using natural and organic materials. The standard mattress measures 80″ x 60″ x 11″ and weighs about 97 lbs. The pillow top model measures 80″ x 60″ x 13″ and weighs approximately 132 lbs. Actual sizes can vary slightly because each mattress is built by hand.

Happsy vs Avocado: Construction

Button-Tufted By Hand

The first thing you’ll notice about the Avocado Green Mattress is its cover. The Button-Tufted design has a soft hand and classic appearance. Hand tufting the yarn secures each layer of the mattress without glues. The result is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Eliminating glues makes for a more responsive feel. Most bedding manufacturers use glues and adhesives that create a trampoline effect that adds unwanted motion detection. Plus, hand tufting without adhesives is more environmentally friendly. This method also reduces the appearance of irregularities in the surface of the bed by eliminating false loft. Pre Compressing the fabric results in fewer body impressions over time.

The top portion of the cover consists of GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s breathable, cool, and comfortable. OEKO-TEX certified Natural New Zealand wool is then stitched to the bottom of the cotton. For purity sake, this wool is washed with a biodegradable rinse before being added to the mattress. Wool is a natural heat regulator that keeps you cool by wicking away moisture. It also acts as a natural fire barrier.

Natural silica is a addition to the cover to enhance flame resistance. Silica is a natural material found in mineral quartz and sandstone and is FDA approved for safety. The combination of natural wool and silica far exceeds federal fire safety standards. They do not use any dangerous chemical fire retardants. Additionally, the entire Avocado Green Mattress is GreenGuard certified. This means the mattress has met the world’s most rigorous emissions safety standard.

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Natural Dunlop Latex

Avocado’s natural Dunlop latex is certified by the eco-INSTITUTE of Germany. The institute declares this bed to be free of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). This means no formaldehyde or pesticides are present. The latex used in the Avocado Green Mattress does not come from organically certified farms. They test it for chemical emissions and purity. There is no difference in structural integrity or comfort between the two materials. For this reason, the company decided not to go the certification route. Although a prestigious designation, it’s also an expensive process. Foregoing GOLS certification allows Avocado to keep prices low and still deliver a quality mattress.

Natural Dunlop Latex ​is very buoyant and creates a floating sensation. That is a distinct difference from Memory Foam. You sleep on latex, not in it. Because memory foam responds to body heat, it tends to sleep on the hot side. While all foams retain a certain amount of body heat, natural latex sleeps significantly cooler than synthetic foams. The memory foam is made from petroleum products. Natural latex is produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It provides the most non-toxic, natural sleep surface available.

Ergonomic Support Coils

Avocado Green mattress uses a Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge Elite Combi-Zone coil unit. This system utilizes an 8″ individually pocketed structure that provides excellent support and spinal alignment. Because the coils are allowed to float independently, better body contouring occurs. Couples will appreciate the great motion isolation. This limits disturbance from sleep partner activity. Keeping with the company’s environmental platform, they only use recycled coils.

The innerspring is divided into three distinct comfort zones. 14 lb. Gauge coils at the head and feet and 17 lb. In the center. The middle coils are lighter but more condensed. This allows for greater conformity and pressure relief. The outside perimeter of the mattress consists of a 16 lb. border coil. This offers solid edge support while creating a full edge to edge comfort feel. It also prevents the sensation of rolling off the bed. These features appears most in high priced luxury mattresses.

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Heavy-Duty Handles

Side handles is a standard feature on all mattresses. This feature has become a rarity these days. To save money, most companies no longer have any handles at all. The purpose is to be able to adjust your mattress and more easily change sheets and mattress pads. We would not recommend carrying your bed by these handles. Even the heaviest handles can not hold that kind of stress.

Happsy Mattress Construction

972 Count (15.5 Gauge) – Individually Pocketed Coils

Unlike traditional bonnell innersprings, the coils operate independently of each other. They provide customized comfort and support while limiting motion transfer. This is ideal for couples who wish not to disturb their sleep partners when they move.

Each coil is pocketed in synthetic mesh fabric that is approved by the Global Organic Latex Standard. Happsy utilizes 14.5 gauge perimeter coils instead of a polyurethane foam encasement. They attach organic cotton pads physically to the bottom of each outer coil. This system provides the best possible edge support and breathability.

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Happsy vs Avocado Mattress Review

2” Organic Dunlop Latex

Happsy mattresses are proudly handcrafted in the US. Materials are domestically-sourced whenever possible. The only major exception is the use of organic latex which is derived from the sap of the non-US native, rubber tree. Because they do not harm rubber trees in the process, organic latex remains a renewable, eco-friendly option. The finest of this product is imported to provide your mattress with superior support and comfort. All latex is certified to meet GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) specifications.

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Natural Organic Latex is pressure relieving and conforming. People often have a bouncy feel. This foam creates the sensation of floating on top of the mattress. This is in stark contrast to the sinking feeling many Memory Foam owners experience. Unlike Memory foam, organic latex sleeps cool and has no off-gassing issues.

Organic vs. Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex can sleep hot and have off-gassing issues. It’s cheaper to produce and is of lesser quality than natural latex. There’s a number of low priced beds in the box models that offer synthetic latex. Don’t let this ruin your perception of quality foams. Happsy uses only all natural organic latex.

Organic Cotton

US grown without pesticides, this cotton is certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Soft with just the right amount of stretch, it allows for body conformity. Moreover, they use organic cotton in both the ticking and side panels. it provides a breathable, cool and safe cover.

Organic Wool Batting

The Organic wool is a natural heat regulator. It helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because it acts as a natural fire barrier, no harmful chemical retardants are needed. Under extreme heat, wool will charge but will not burn. Organic wool used in the Happsy Mattress is also Certified GOTS.

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We just showed you a side-by-side comparison between Happsy vs Avocado, hoping that you can decide which is the best for your home. Don’t forget to use Happsy coupon code to save up to 30% of your purchases at Happsy. Click here!

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