Vapevale is one of the most popular and trusted distributors of Relx vape. This leads to a lot of customers trying to find a great deal to get Relx vapes at the best price. We created a list of the hottest sale items on Vapevale in September 2021. Let’s check it now!

Vapevale hottest items: RELX nano 2

The first in the collection of the hottest Vapevale items is RELX nano 2. It provides outstanding quality and performance. You can experience consistent flavor to the very last puff. Moreover, it is designed to get reduced crackling and smoother throat-feel. There is also an independent e-liquid chamber for consistent vaporization performance. 

Vapevale hottest items: RELX nano 2

On the other hand, sleek, vibrant design is another point to attract customers. Relx nano 2 comes with LED Light Indicator and vibrant, metallic finish. Its user-friendly design allows comfortable use and facilitates many users to enjoy the flavor. With smooth and rich flavors, Relx nano 2 is one of the best sellers in Vapevale. There are 4 flavors namedly Classic Tobacco, Ludou Ice, Fruit Tea and Fresh Red to meet the demand of anyone. The battery capacity of a nano device is 270mA, which can support about 200 puffs without charging.

Fortunately, Vapevale is offering a special deal. You can spend only $1 for 1 Classic Kit with any order of $100. For every $50, get one free nano Mint. Note that the free nano Mint needs to be manually added to the shopping cart.

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Extra VapeVale discount February 2023

Vapevale hottest items: Alpha Starter Kit

The Alpha kit for beginners includes an Alpha device with color optional, two AlphaPod, a TYPE-C charging cable and a booklet. It is the perfect choice for those who want to try a vape. RELX Alpha Starter Kits introduce you to an elevated form of vaping with its advanced next-generation technology. The RELX Alpha Starter Kit contains the epitome of the effort to pursue innovation, a next-generation vape pen more advanced than other vape kits for sale. They combine modern designs with state-of-the-art engineering to create a device that elevates the enjoyment of the vaping experience.

Vapevale hottest items: Alpha Starter Kit

Each Alpha Starter Kit comes with a vape pen with the following advanced features:

1) RELX’s unique α-shaped airways enhance the flavor rendering of the vape pen, giving you a fuller taste. These enlarged airways also simulate draw resistance that is 95 percent similar to puffing on a real cigarette.

2) Each pen refines vape fluid through 4th generation honeycomb atomizers. This produces ultra-smooth vapor that’s easy on the throat and further enriches its taste.

3) Its elegant and minimalist designs transform it from a simple vape pen to a luxury accessory. The durable casings come in a stylish black finish or a regal golden coating.

4) The easy-to-use vape pen also has an airway condensation lock, light-up low battery indicator, and softly vibrates to indicate if you’re overusing the device.

When you purchase a RELX Alpha Starter kit, you also receive 2 AlphaPods, with enough liquid for 500 pulls in each pod. You can choose the flavor of the pods from four distinct taste options: cool Mint, zesty Tangy Purple, rich Lush Tobacco, and refreshing Ludou Ice.

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Vapevale hottest items: AlphaPods

AlphaPods feature one of the most advanced casing designs. Each pod is made from novel materials and features advanced waterproofing material to help keep its contents pure. Its precision production techniques reduce the risk of leakage by as much as 50 percent. Each pod’s structure also blocks all condensation from compromising the integrity of the e-liquid. You can feel the best when using this pod, just take a pull and experience the most relaxation ever.

Vapevale hottest items: AlphaPods

Moreover, it provides a true flavor with 3-5% nicotine. A variety of flavors are available for you to choose your favorite one. From Fresh series, Beverage series to Creative series, every flavor worth a try. Customers love Beverage series due to its refreshing and interesting flavors that it brings to them.

Fortunately, Vapevale is offering a great deal. You can pay only $37.90 for Alpha Starter Kit! Moreover, you can get Fresh Red AlphaPods with a discount. Buy 3 and get 1 free. Buy 5 and get 2 free.

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We just showed you a list of the hottest sale items on Vapevale Sep 2021, hoping that you can pick a suitable vape for you. Don’t forget to use the Vapevale discount code to save on your Vape shopping.


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