When you need to make holes in hard surfaces on the wall to do your DIY home projects, a hammer drill is a must-have tool. And sometimes you might be often curious how does a hammer drill work. This article will provide you useful information to shed light on this question. Let’s explore now!

First, to understand how does a hammer drill work, we need to know its design and function. A hammer drill is used for making holes on hard surfaces such as concrete, brick and stone.

At your house, you may use a hammer drill to drill holes in concrete footings to pin concrete wall forms or drilling holes in concrete floors to pin wall framing. Besides home utilities, hammer drills are also used in industrial and construction work to make holes in the process of assembling, attaching, coupling, and other works. 

DIY home projects
DIY home projects require a hammer drill

Design of a hammer drill

A hammer drill typically includes a drilling and hammering action. As this action is more powerful and forceful than one of average combi drill, it is great for drilling into solid masonry and other hard materials. When the hammer drill works, the drilling part rotates, and the hammering part rapidly moves back-and-forth to produce a hammering action. This is similar to principle of transforming electrical energy to  kinetic energy in fans, rotator motors and other electronic devices.

A dispensable component of the drilling part is the drill bit. Drill bits are generally made of hard materials, and they resemble a screw.

A surface like a screw works on the principle of inclined plane mechanics, and greater linear force is achieved through such surfaces. Drilling bits are removable, and you can choose drilling bits of different sizes depending on the depth of hole required.

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Parts of a hammer drill

The hammer drill comes with stops, chuck, a handle, switch and trigger to enable operational ease. Now let’s explore the inside parts of a typical hammer drill.

A hammer drill consists of many components:

  • Drill chuck screw: also called the drilling bit/screw
  • Chuck: provides the surface and support to the drilling bit
  • Logo plate: Provides cover
  • Data plate: Provides cover
  • Handle: For holding and leverage
  • Rod: For positioning and leverage
  • Wear plate: Provides cover
  • Wing screw: For attaching the wings (drilling and hammering wings)

So, how does a hammer drill work?

As mentioned above, a hammer drill has a hammering action inside them. When you turn on the motor, it means you activate the hammering action and the machine begins to pound against its target. Hammer drills are different from other drills because they don’t rotate. They simply chisel away at the concrete, stone, cement, or brick in front of them until they have created a hole large enough for a screw to fit into.

how does a hammer drill work?

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Types of hammer drills

Hammer drills can be of various types with different power requirements based on usage at home or in the industry. It will also depend on their usage for light drilling purposes of short duration, or for heavy drilling purposes of longer duration. If you need to drill the surface which is not very hard, then simple drilling machines (without the hammering part) will be sufficient for the job.

For light drilling purposes like drilling one or two holes at a time, wireless and small hammer drills are good enough. Heavy industrial or construction drilling works require bigger and more forceful drilling equipment.

In terms of cord, hammer drills comes with corded and cordless models. Corded drills generally offer more power and higher drilling speed (measured in rotations per minute, or RPM), and they don’t slow down with use like cordless drills do as their batteries wear down.


With its powerful and unique design, a hammer drill is a useful tool to refurbish your house or accomplish your construction projects. After understanding how does a hammer drill work, you might be excited to buy a hammer drill for your home, save your money with Toolstoday coupon code right here.


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