RELX is the world’s leading vape brand, with cutting-edge technologies and award-winning designs. Whether a first-time RELX buyer or a long-term customer, you are sure to expect your order to arrive as fast as possible. So how long is the typical RELX shipping time? As our article shows, it can vary from 3-10 business days. Read the article for further information, and don’t forget to use this RELX coupon to save on your RELX!

What RELX products can be shipped? And from where?

While some vape stores may restrict which products can be shipped, the good news is that RELX ships every product, including the top 5 must-have RELX buys we have detailed. The RELX shipping time across product categories is also quite consistent. However, it is also highly dependent on which location the product is shipped from.

How long is RELXNOW shipping time?

Currently, RELX ships their vape products from Canada, Europe, and China. Shipping from each location takes different durations and incurs different shipment rates. Find out more about RELX shipping time below, and remember to use this RELX promo code!

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RELX shipping time – further details

As mentioned above, RELX ships from 3 different locations – Cana, Europe, and China. This results in slightly different shipping times from each location and, with it, different costs. This table sums up what you need to know about RELX shipping time: 

DestinationDelivery ServiceDelivery Speed (business days*)Free Shipping ThresholdDelivery Rate
CanadaStandard Shipping3 – 6$88$9.99
EuropeStandard Shipping 4 – 9$88$9.99
Others**Standard Shipping3 – 7$88$9.99
Extended Area Shipping  5 – 10 $150 $24.99

It is important to note that:

  1. *Business days are defined by RELX as ‘any day except Saturday, Sunday, any day which is a federal legal holiday in countries where warehouses are located.’
  2. **’Others’ are orders destined outside of Canada and Europe require overseas transportation and customs clearance. It will take 6-12 business days.
  3. ***’Extended Area Shipping’ is a premium service that RELX especially offers for customers located far away from China.

As you can see, RELX shipping time and fees vary depending on warehouse locations. If you are still unsure about which shipping time or rates apply to where you live, you can visit the official RELX shipping page for further support. And if you’re already sure about placing your next RELX order, use this RELX shipping code to save plenty!


RELX shipping time is different for each area of the world, as detailed in the table above. Thanks to RELX’s fantastic customer support, you can always reach out and make sure your next RELX product can be shipped to your area at a nominal rate. And to save on your purchase, do remember to input this RELX coupon code!


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