Keeping track of medications has never been an easy task. The Hero Health pill dispenser is the answer to this pressing problem, offering you automatic pill dispensing and reminders. So how much does the Hero Health cost? Find out in this article, and don’t forget to claim your Hero Health coupon!

What is the Hero Health cost? – The subscription model

Breaking down the cost

To begin using a Hero Health pill dispenser, you need to pay an ‘initiation’ fee of $99 and commit to using the device for 12 months at least. From then on, the Hero Health cost per month is $29.99. 

So that’s how much you have to pay to use Hero’s device and services. But what exactly is included for what you’re paying? Well, according to their official website, you are getting the Hero device, the Hero app, and ongoing 24/7 support. It is important to note that the Hero app can be used for all kinds of medications, not just the ones stored in your Hero device, so you can expand its usefulness quite a bit.

Of course, if this still sounds rather costly for you, don’t hesitate from using this Hero Health coupon to save lots!

Extra Hero Health discount June 2023

Hero Health vs competitors

If you’re wondering how the Hero Health cost fares against competitors, we’ve got you a comparison table to see how it stacks up against key opponents with similar offerings.

Overall, there are several ways in which Hero beats out the competition.

  • The Hero Health app: most devices don’t come with an app that allows you to remotely control your pill dispenser and get reminders
  • Customer support: support from Hero is 24/7, meaning you can get any problem solved right away
  • Guarantee: most competitors have limited-period warranty, while Hero offers lifetime guarantee

How to save on the Hero Health cost 

As mentioned in our article on the ways to get Hero Health discounts, there are a few ways you can alleviate the Hero Health cost. One obvious way is, of course, taking advantage of their Give $50 / Get $50 program. However, the most surefire way is always to pick up a good Hero Health coupon!


So that’s all for our article on the Hero Health cost. We hope you have learned something useful from this article to add to your consideration when buying a Hero device. For info on this piece of technology, take a look at our article on the Hero Health pill dispenser review!


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