A myriad of brands on standing desk market may perplex you to choose your perfect standing desk. Don’t rush to pick one, just take a look at our blog of comparison between FlexiSpot vs iMovR. We conduct some tests and collect many reviews to find out which is better between them. This article is in series of comparison between popular furniture brands such as FlexiSpot vs IKEA, Flexispot vs Varidesk. Let’s explore right now!

We choose best seller of each brand, ZipLift+ 35″ Standing Desk Converter vs Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB – 36″ to compare and dig deeper. 

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Stability

One of the most impressive features of iMovR ZipLift+ is rock-solid stability. Even at full height extension (20 5/8″), this standing desk converter offers the best lateral stability to compete any other brands on the market. It supports weight capacity up to 35 lbs. 

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Stability

On the other hand, FlexiSpot features heavy-duty construction to ensure the stability, which helps you concentrate on working without interruptions of shaky desk. Among Top most popular flexispot standing desk converter, this FlexiSpot EM7MB offers highest weight capacity. You can also feel free to use multiple monitors and adorn your workspace with all the items and equipments you like with our 55-pound weight capacity. Fortunately, you can buy this Flexispot EM7MB at 20% off the price by using Flexispot coupon code. Click now!

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FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Desktop size

iMovR with extra spacious desktop surface of 35.4″ x 15.7″ can allow you to enjoy plenty of space for your equipments. It is large enough to fit 2 x 24” monitors, an Apple iMac, a monitor arm, or a laptop. Moreover, it offers a super ergonomic keyboard tray having a tilt adjustment range of +10° to -15°. So you can stay ergonomically sound in the standing position.

By contrast, FlexiSpot offers desktop size of 35.8” x 16.3”, which is larger than iMorV and you can confidently add all your favorite desktop essentials including 2 computer monitors, a full-size keyboard, mouse and more. Furthermore, FlexiSpot standing desk converter also has a quick-release, removable keyboard tray. Particularly, easy one-step attachment gives you the option to use the standing desk converter with or without the keyboard tray.

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Lifting Mechanism

iMovR offers smooth, silent Z-Lift mechanism using silky-smooth gas struts in place of clangy springs and sawtooth increments. By this way, you can enjoy infinite stops with this standing desk converter. You can adjust your desk up to any level with the squeeze of the brake paddles, in complete silence.

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Lifting Mechanism

In contrast, FlexiSpot comes in easy one-step X lifting mechanism with a convenient button. You will no longer put pressure on your back  trying to lift a traditional sit-stand desk. FlexiSpot motorized desk risers let you simply press a button to instantly lift from sitting to standing. 

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Price

The cost is one of the most important factors that affect your purchase decision. FlexiSpot Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7M is much more affordable at price of $299.99 while iMovR comes in $319.00. Fortunately, you can save even more by using Flexispot coupon code to order your favorite Flexispot standing desk converter.

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Height Adjustment range

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Height Adjustment range

While iMovR has maximum extended height of 20 5/8″, FlexiSpot offers height adjustment range from 4.9” to 19.9”. You can place it on the desk to fit most people’s needs and adjust freely to the preferred height. Obviously FlexiSpot comes in wider range of height adjustment and provides more flexibility to transform your workstation into an ergonomic environment. 

Moreover, compared to other top electric risers on the market that increase speed as the riser lowers, only to crash onto the desktop and jostle whatever is on the riser, the FlexiSpot EM7 is engineered with a patented bracing system that ensures smooth and even operation, no matter the height.

FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Warranty 

The iMovR ZipLift+ is supported by a 5-year warranty. iMovR also offers a 100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this product. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase and would like to exchange or return it, you just need to send it back and they will give you a full refund. On the other hand, FlexiSpot offers a 3-year warranty for the frame, medium-fiber desktop and mechanisms. You are free to return within 30 days of receipt. 

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FlexiSpot vs iMovR: Table of Summary

StabilityRock-solid stability, weight capacity up to 35 lbsHeavy-duty construction, 55-pound weight capacity
Desktop size35.4″ x 15.7″super ergonomic keyboard tray having a tilt adjustment range of +10° to -15°35.8” x 16.3”a quick-release, removable keyboard tray
Lifting mechanismsmooth, silent Z-Lift mechanismeasy one-step X lifting mechanism with a convenient button
Height Adjustment maximum extended height of 20 5/8″height adjustment range from 4.9” to 19.9”
Warranty5-year warranty3-year warranty


We just let you know the comparison between FlexiSpot vs iMovR. You may be amazed by their excellent and innovative features and decide to choose which is better. FlexiSpot is definitely our pick because its affordable price coming with modern and top-notch quality. You can also get reference from our article about comparison between Flexispot vs Eletab. Don’t forget to use FlexiSpot coupon to save up to 20% the price when buying Flexispot products.


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