When homeowners replace carpeted floors with tile, wood or stained concrete, the replacement flooring is often lower in height than the carpeting, creating a gap between the new flooring and the baseboards. Thus, installing quarter-round is the most elegant solution for this. Yet how to cut quarter round? Here is 8 steps to do the work quickly right here. 

Phase 1: Trimming Your Quarter Round for Joints and Corners

Step 1: Prepare tools and select your pieces of quarter round.

How to cut quarter round

Before knowing how to cut quarter round, you need to prepare a miter box and saw, adhesive caulk or wood glue, a good set of goggles, a tape measure, a carpenter’s pencil and a protractor. 

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Quarter round is available in 8 foot (240 cm) long pieces, or 16 foot (490 cm) long pieces. Measure the width of your walls with a tape measure and select pieces that closely match with them to purchase.

Note: 8 foot (240 cm) long pieces are easier to work for most rooms.

Step 2: Line up your quarter round against the wall and make pencil marks. 

Place your pieces of quarter round on the floor up against the wall. Afterwards, you use a carpenter pencil to mark the locations you need to cut and trim your quarter round. 

Note: Make sure to note whether the cut is an inside corner or outside corner, which will determine the setting on the miter saw. An inside corner is a corner where the corner turns in to form the room enclosure. An outside corner is where the corner turns around the wall into another area of the home, such as another room or hallway.

Step 3: Determine the angle and direction of your cut. 

How to cut quarter round

Each piece of quarter round will end at either a joint, a corner, or a door jamb. Quarter round will always be cut at an angle, usually 45 degrees.

  • Cut 2 joint pieces at 45-degree angles in the same direction (meaning both angled to the left, or both to the right). These joint pieces should fit together to form a flat line against the wall.
  • For most corners which are 90-degree angles, cut corner pieces at 45-degree angles in opposite directions (one to the left and one to the right, so that they fit together). For corners that are very different from 90 degrees, measure the angle with a protractor, and divide this by 2 to determine the angle of your cuts.
  • If your quarter round will end at an obstruction, cut at a 45-degree angle and attach a quarter round return.

Step 4: Use a miter box and hand saw to cut your quarter round. 

Slide a piece of quarter round into your miter box and use the pins to secure it. Locate the slot that represents the correct angle for your cut. Stabilize the miter box with your non-dominant hand, and hold the saw in your dominant hand. Apply pressure with the saw and move it back and forth over the quarter round until your cut is finished.

Note: Remember to wear gloves and protective eyewear.

  • Always exercise caution when using a saw.

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Phase 2: Cutting Quarter Round Returns

Step 5: Line up your quarter round and make marks with a pencil. 

Place a length of quarter round up against your wall and then make a pencil mark to indicate where the quarter round meets the door jamb (or other obstruction).

Step 6: Use a miter box and saw to make a 45-degree cut. 

Toolstoday milter box

Place your quarter round into a miter box and secure it with the pins. Cut your wood at a 45-degree angle, angled away from the door jamb. The pencil marking you made should form the corner of your 45-degree angle.

Step 7: Create an end cap. 

Take another piece of small piece quarter round and place it into your miter box. Use your saw to make a 45-degree cut, angled in the opposite direction. Change the angle of your saw and make a straight cut about 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) away from your angle cut. You should end up with an end cap that is flat on one side and a 45-degree angle on the other side.

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Step 8: Match up the pieces. 

How to cut quarter round

Line up the longer piece of quarter round up against the wall where it will go. Spin your end cap so that the flat cut is up against the wall, the angle cut is against the other piece of quarter round, and the finished side is visible.


We just show you the way how to cut quarter round, hope that you learn the ways and apply them to your home projects. Don’t forget to use Toolstoday coupon code to purchase the miter box and saw set needed for your work with an attractive price. 


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