Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials over the globe thanks to its strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is an alloy of Iron with a minimum of 10.5% Chromium which produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface to prevent any further corrosion of the surface. As it is stronger and more durable than many other construction-type metals, you may find challenging to know how to cut stainless steel. Fortunately, we include different methods for you to do the job quickly. You can cut stainless steel either with an electric shear, a circular saw or a grinder. Let’s see details right now!

Choose right tool for Cutting Stainless Steel

Depending on the material you are cutting, you will need to use different tool to cut stainless steel. For thin sheet materials having thickness about 18-gauge (the lower the gauge the thicker the metal), the best tool is electric shears. These have strong jaws to easily nibble through the metal, cut out a 1/4-inch-wide strip and leave a very clean edge. 

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If you want to cut a sizeable stainless sheet panel, the circular saw is a perfect tool. It is suitable for long cuts on sheet steel with an abrasive blade made for stainless steel. This makes a fairly clean cut, especially when guiding the saw with a straightedge. However, a circular saw does not cut curves, so you’ll have to use a grinder for curved corners.

If you need to make small cuts in sheet steel or some thicker materials, such as stainless steel tiles, a grinder or a rotary tool may be a wise choice for you. With a grinder, you can use an abrasive cutting wheel made for stainless steel to do your job.

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How to Cut Stainless Steel with an Electric Shear

Toolstoday electric shear

As the action of an electric shear is relatively the same as a pair of scissors, it is often used for cutting thin stainless steel sheets. This slices cleanly through the stainless steel sheet without creating any waste material. All you need is to stabilize your sheet to make sure it is kept steady and then use an electric shear to cut the sheet. Electric shears can cut curves but usually require a wider turning circle, and if pushed beyond their capabilities they will leave a jagged and distorted edge.

Once you’ve finished cutting, you may see a pretty nasty edge along any of the sides you cut. To truly finish the job, use a file or deburrer to remove the rough edge from your material.

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How to Cut Stainless Steel With a Circular Saw

Toolstoday circular saw

A circular saw is handy for cutting through pieces of steel which is too thick for tin snips or power shears. The key reminder is that you’ll need a proper metal cutting blade. If the cut is an interior cutout, a circular saw can simply initiate the process with a plunge cut. Here are steps to do the job:

  1. Place the sheet facedown on your work surface, use clamps like F clamps to tighten the sheet metal to the table to make sure it not to shift at all.
  2. Mark the cutting line with a marker on the backside of the sheet.
  3. Clamp a straightedge guide such as a level, a board, or a straightedge over the stainless sheet. You must keep it positioned so the saw blade will be on the cutting line.
  4. Turn on the saw and make the cut with steady but modest pressure on the saw and let the blade do the work. Keep the base of the saw against the straightedge throughout the cut.
  5. Clean up the cut edge with a grinder and flap wheel which is designed for stainless steel to remove burrs along the cut edge, if needed.

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How to Cut Stainless Steel With a Grinder or a rotary tool

Toolstoday rotary tool

A grinder can cut a variety of stainless steel materials, including sheets, tiles and thicker stock. It does create a rough edge, especially on sheet steel, but this is easy to grind off with a flap wheel made for stainless steel. 

With an angle grinder, you can use the same principles you’d apply with the circular saw.  A rotary tool can also make small cuts in stainless steel, using similar techniques.

  1. Make sure that you use the proper type of blade as this device can cut through a thinner stainless-steel panel. 
  2. Set up a metal cutting blade that is specialized made for stronger steel. Then set the board on a plywood basis for a strong backing and mark the cutting place.
  3. Cut slowly into the steel and keep the blade in the motion.
  4. Clean up your cut edges.


There are many different methods to cut stainless steel, we just show you the easiest and most popular of them. The best tools for cutting stainless steel will vary based on different thickness of materials and your working purposes. Browse Toolstoday’s website right now and choose the ideal tool with a reasonable price thanks to Toolstoday coupon code


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