Flawless Vape Shop is officially introducing a masterful private blend of premium eJuice from the house of Humble and Flawless. Humble Flawless vape juice is one of the most famous ejuices from this brand and received a lot of flying compliments from customers. Let’s  see its review below.

The Humble X Flawless Series is a masterful private blend of eJuice! All four flavors from the series are well crafted in premium flavored notes. Each box represents the unique vision of the eJuice bottle that is housed inside. The box itself is elegant and has distinct graphic features. On one side you will notice a labyrinth design which is appropriate since the taste notes are a mystery.

Humble Flawless vape juice – Blue Swirl 

When you take your first vape hits, your taste palate immediately picks up an amazing flavor of freshly picked blueberries. This eJuice is smooth, not too sweet, however, if you vape at a high temperature you will pick up sweeter notes. The cloud production is phenomenal, users can vape on it without getting tired of noticing any flavor dilution. This has become a daily driver for many vapers.

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Humble Flawless vape juice – Suckerpunch 

When you first vape on this eJuice, you will get sucker punch by a sweet flavor of bubblegum! Just like its brother this eJuice is smooth, not too sweet, again if you vape at high temperatures you may notice sweeter notes. The cloud production is amazing, you can experience the best and enjoy your days without worry. 

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Humble Flawless vape juice – Puckerface 

This is one of the most favorite flavors in the Humble series. When you take your first vape hits, you will be greeted with childhood memories; If you are a big fan of the green airheads candy in the mid-90’s, this one is definitely a perfect choice for you. Your taste palate will pick up a sweet and sour taste of green apples. Again, just like its brothers this eJuice is smooth, and rich in premium flavor. With this one, if you vape with high temperatures you may notice sweeter notes. The cloud production is solid, a customer said that he has been vaping on this flavor for three days now and his passion for it grows stronger. It has no flavor dilution either!

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Humble Flawless vape juice – Creamy Custard 

This eJuice is a Pandora box of flavor! Your taste palate will be able to pick up a lucky charm cereal taste, when you exhale your mouth will go wild with a sweet creamy pie taste. It gives you an excellent experience! With this one, we recommend vaping it at a higher temperature for you to fully enjoy the premium flavor. And just like its brothers the vape production is solid! You can vape on it for over a day without getting tired or noticing any taste dilution. Pick this one up if you’re into sweet and creamy dessert tastes.

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This eJuice series really spoke for itself in terms of flavor, it’s tasty, sweet and wonderful all at the same time! This is a home run from the house of Humble and Flawless. Don’t forget to use Flawless vape coupon for 15% off your purchase order at Flawless vape shop.


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