Vaping has long been known as a healthier alternative to smoking, and RELX vape is one of the leading names in the industry. RELX is committed to using technology and design to make their products an enjoyable and safe replacement for traditional cigarettes. Yet, if you’re health-conscious, you might still wonder whether you could RELX without nicotine. While the answer is no, that is nowhere near a deal-breaker for RELX vape. Read below to see why, and don’t forget to use this RELX coupon to get your RELX for less.

Here’s the answer: No, you cannot RELX without nicotine

Why is that? Well, all of RELX’s options for their best-selling products and even less popular products contain either 3% or 5% nicotine. This nicotine is in a solution called e-liquid or e-juice, which itself is stored in a vape pod. As you will read below, vape pods are an essential part of any vape products, RELX included. To get a RELX at a discounted price, remember to grab this RELX promo code!

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Why can’t you RELX without nicotine? – Looking inside a RELX e cig

If you’re new to vaping and has only used compact disposable vape pens, you might be confused as to what a vape pod system is. Most RELX vape products follow the structure of a pod system, meaning that the e-liquid pod is separate from the body of the vape pen. Here’s a few details:

Is it possible to RELX without nicotine?
  • A mouthpiece: where you inhale vapor that is generated inside of the vape pen
  • A heating coil: the component to heat up e-liquid and turn it into vapor (also known as an atomizer)
  • A power supply: this component provides power for the entire e cigarette to function. All RELX e cig are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which makes for fast and easy charging as detailed in our article on the top 3 tips to charge a RELX
  • A vape pod: detachable pods that hold e-liquid – the nicotine-containing liquid that turns into vapor as it is heated

As you can tell, a vape pod is what gives a pod system its flavor and vapor – two crucial elements for vape enjoyment. Unfortunately, there are currently no nicotine-free e-liquid options from RELX, making it impossible to RELX without nicotine. 

This is partly because nicotine is needed to help with a smooth transition from traditional cigarettes to e cigarettes. Without nicotine, users who are used to a heavy nicotine intake are likely to suffer from substance withdrawals. Another reason why nicotine is present inside RELX e-juice is, of course, to give the e cig a more authentic feel and taste. 

If you do still want to RELX without nicotine, you can try to refill RELX pods with nicotine-free e-juice. However, we do not recommend doing so for safety reasons and potential damage. Furthermore, RELX vape and vapes in general actually offer some great benefits over traditional tobacco, which you can find below.

RELX without nicotine – The benefits of vaping

As detailed in our article on whether RELX vape is safe, vaping has some serious advantage over traditional smoking. A few major benefits are detailed like below:

Is it possible to RELX without nicotine?
  • Zero combustion: vaporizers work by heating the e-juice in pods to create vapor, not smoke. This prevents harmful tar and cigarette fumes from being created and entering the user’s body. 
  • Nicotine customization: vape users have near-complete control over their nicotine intake and are informed of how much nicotine they are using. In RELX’s case, all RELX pods are labeled with their nicotine strengths – 3% or 5% – for you to choose.
  • Odor-free: another drawback of traditional smokes is their noxious smell. With vapes, however, the only smell you’re getting are the actual pleasant flavors of each pod. Much better!

Those are just 3 among the most prominent benefits of vaping. While you can’t RELX without nicotine, the advantages of vaping still makes picking up a RELX vape over your tobacco cigarette quite worth it. And to do so for less, simply use this RELX discount code!


It might be disheartening for many to hear that you cannot RELX without nicotine. However, the benefits that vaping offers over its alternatives still make it a worthwhile option, and RELX is one the best names in the vaping industry. To get your RELX vape for less, input this RELX coupon code!


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