Vaping has grown from just an alternative to smoking cigarettes to an entire youth culture. RELX is currently among the most innovative vape companies and their e-cigarette products deliver world-class quality and cutting-edge designs. Yet, for many people, the question remains: is vaping with RELX pods safe? Our answer: yes, it definitely is! To find out how safe it is, read through our article, and don’t forget to use this Relxnow coupon

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For your answer: Yes, RELX pods are safe!

RELX vape pens come with all the benefits of vaping, along with some extra elegant designs and next-generation technologies to satisfy your craving. Furthermore, RELX is committed to improving the lives of traditional smokers by offering 2 different nicotine levels in all RELX pods to help them gradually ease out of nicotine withdrawal.

Is it safe to vape with RELX pods?

The RELX difference

RELX works to develop their e-cigarette products to the forefront of new technology and design. RELX vape options include a starter kit for beginners and their advanced Alpha Kit for vapers who want to experience the latest vaping technologies. They pride themselves on delivering the best vape products that are:

  • Efficient: RELX vape pens come with a powerful 350mAh lithium-ion battery that can last over 200 pulls with just 45-60 minutes of charging
  • Smooth: RELX airway and heating coil designs allow for vapor that is smoother than tobacco smoke yet still maintain the draw resistance of a traditional cigarette. This makes it perfect for smokers who are looking for a healthier alternative
  • Stylish: RELX e-cigarettes and RELX pods are more than accessories. Their elegant and minimalistic designs give them unmatched style and personality
  • Flavorful: RELX pods offer a wide range of e-liquid flavors, many of which cater to the more classic taste buds, while others are more innovative and daring.

The benefits of vaping

Now that we have looked at how safe RELX pods are, let’s take a look at some general benefits that vaping offers.

Zero combustion

According to the Royal College of Physicians, e-cigarettes are vastly safer than traditional ones. This is because there is no smoke, ash, or tar resulting from burning the tobacco inside cigarettes. Studies have shown the negative health effects of smoke and tar, ranging from oral degradation to circulation and lung-related conditions. 

Control over nicotine levels

E-liquid – the source of nicotine in vape – comes at different levels of strengths. This means that you can decide how much nicotine to take in, and can even go fully nicotine-free. Think of the health benefits!

No noxious smell

Let’s be honest – the smell of burning tobacco leaves is uncomfortable. With vape, you can choose different flavors and aromas that come inside each vape pod, and most of them are quite nice and some are barely noticeable. 

These are just 3 among the many benefits of vaping. To get started on vaping, use this Relxnow coupon to get your first vape kit at reduced prices!


RELX pods are not only safe but also offer cutting-edge relaxation at the forefront of vaping technology. To get your RELX vape pen at the best prices, don’t forget to use this Relxnow coupon code. For more vaping tips, check out our article on how to store vape juice.


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