Choosing a good mattress brand is essential for good sleep, and in the past we’ve reviewed Nolah Mattress many times. Their products contain many innovative features, yet come at not the most affordable prices. So, you might be toiling with the question ‘Is Noah a good mattress?’. Well, today, let us help you answer that by considering all aspects of Nolah. The short answer is: yes, if you can shoulder the cost. And to help you do so, let us recommend a Nolah Mattress coupon code!

Is Noah a good mattress? – Yes, if you can afford it

Answering the question of ‘Is Noah a good mattress?’ requires us to look at a bunch of different aspects of their products. This is so that our judgment is made on a comprehensive basis, not just because there’s a good feature or the price is low enough. For your ease, we’ve compiled all the most important points down below! 


Materials might not be the first consideration you think of the question ‘Is Noah a good mattress?’, but they are very important. Being an innovative brand, Nolah uses its proprietary AirFoam material to create the top layers for their mattresses. This allows you to benefit from AirFoam’s 3 signature advantages, as below:

  • High durability: AirFoam allows Nolah products to outlast its competitors by being highly robust and durable
  • Temperature neutral: AirFoam is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, allowing for comfortable sleep 
  • Pressure relief: with its unique composition, AirFoam allows for up to 4 times the pressure relief of regular memory foam, making it far more comfortable to sleep on

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, you know just what to do to enjoy these benefits for less: go grab your Nolah Mattress coupon code now!

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As mentioned, Nolah benefits from its unique material, which makes sleeping on it a pleasure. The mattress is supposedly best for side sleepers, given its Side Sleeper Award in 2020. However, as seen in the Nolah Mattress Sleepopolis review, the mattress offers comfort for almost all sleeping positions. 

Return and Guarantee policy

For those who are skeptical about Nolah’s quality, they do offer you a 120-nights risk-free trial, meaning you can try out their mattress products for 120 nights and get a full refund if you don’t like them. As for guarantee policies, Nolah does offer lifetime guarantee for their products. However, for more information on Nolah’s limited guarantee policy, you can directly visit their website.


Price is actually a major turn-off for many when it comes to answering the question of ‘Is Noah a good mattress?’, as they could be a little higher compared to competitors. For reference, the Nolah Original costs $1149, the Nolah Signature costs $1599, and the Nolah Evolution costs $2299. 

Is Noah a good mattress? – The verdict

All in all, we believe that Nolah is a wonderfully well-rounded mattress that would be great for all kinds of sleepers out there. But is Noah a good mattress that is also for you? Well, the answer depends on whether it is within the price range you’re looking for. Of course, to save on their products, you can always rely on our Nolah Mattress coupon code!


Overall, that has been our verdict on the question of ‘Is Noah a good mattress?’. For more information on Nolah mattresses, check out our article comparing Nolah vs Purple!


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