Juul vs Relx are two big players in the vape market with a large sale quantity. Both focus their investment on R&D as well as marketing and promotion through offering a lot of coupons. When it comes to compare which one is better to vape between them, you might get confused. In this blog, we would love to shaere a fantastic review video from famous vape reviewer Sherlock Hohms. At the end, you will find that why you should switch to RELX! We also have an article in which analyzing Relx vs Juul pod in detail, check it out for more information. Then, if you decide to go with Rexl, don’t forget to apply Relx coupon code for better price.

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To help vapers be more easy in choosing Juul or Relx to go with, in the video, Sherlock Hohms reviews Relx Pod very detailed about its diversity of colors, pod’s structure and design, the quality, etc. Here’re things that he makes him become a big fan of Relx pod:

  • Relx pod is very well-designed with multiple colors including black, gray, navy, blue, rose, gold and red. There’s Relx’s logo looking like an teardrop or raindrop in the middle and it’s also a LED indicator. Nice design!
  • The shape is fit so that the way it’s in the hand is very comfortable and easy.
  • In the bottom, the standard USB charging is in black and the back is blank.
  • The average usage time is long, about all day. The internal batteries is high quality. The pod also charges very quickly, about 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Its flavors and consistency from the first pull to the last.
  • Diversity of flavors to choose with 2ml capacity for each pod. Vapers can try mint, fruit, classic tobacco,…

(Source: Sherlock Hohms – Youtube Channel)


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